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  1. Northwinds

    app store crashing?

    Hi all I've just realised my app store is not letting me log in, which is a pain as i needed to redownload an earlier version of osx to repair an older hac. When I open it I can click on the Featured, Top Charts and Categories headings and that seems to work but when I click on Updates I get the "cannot connect to the app store" message. When I click Purchased I get "you must sign in to view your purchases" I click the "sign in" link and nothing happens. But when i go to the top menus and click on any the app store freezes and shows as "not responding" in force quit. This is only a recent problem and I've tried going through activity monitor to find what may have caused it but no luck so far. Any ideas please? Thanks!
  2. Northwinds

    GA-Z370 No shutdown anymore

    I'm having the same problem with the same board, cpu and ram :-( Definite beer/donation on its way if you can fix this for me :-D Send me Craigs-iMac.zip
  3. Northwinds

    Gigabyte Aorus Gaming 7 Bios F5e

    Cable arrived and all 3 screens glowing with High Sierra desktop! Not sure about CUDA drivers - will need to look into that... Main problem is the shutdown after ten minutes and the incredibly slow boot times? Any thoughts please? Ok, CUDA sorted. Shutdown might be ok too... Just the incredibly slow boot now?
  4. Northwinds

    Gigabyte Aorus Gaming 7 Bios F5e

    Oh dear - spoke too soon - system shuts down after 10 minutes. Can I upload some files for you to look at? Send me Craigs-iMac.zip
  5. Northwinds

    Gigabyte Aorus Gaming 7 Bios F5e

    Needed to sign in to say a big thanks! After weeks of fiddling with Clover and all the posts out there saying this setup was to be recommended, I'm finally able to boot my system without the usb key! I saw this thread and basically downloaded Awesome Donkey's working dump and then added MaLd0n's daft and it's a pretty good fit! Not everything works just yet - my third screen still needs fixing, but I need a new cable first for that. Hopefully my gt640 which has two dvi connections on the two working screens will allow me to connect the third via hdmi? Given that I'm using the same settings as Awesome Donkey, would there be any advantage in my installing other Nvidia drivers? Or are the web drivers already there? Just I'm not seeing the Nvidia thing in pref panel? And should I be looking at CUDA? Other than that my FireWire sound card is yet to make a sound. I tried the fix FireWire option in Clover Configurator but no luck. Any ideas please? One of my main uses for this rig will be music so I really want to get that working! There's probably a bunch of other stuff too and once the system is stable enough l intend to clone the boot SSD to my nvme m2 disk and try overclocking. But right now I'm just happy to boot without a USB! Cheers! Right - got the firewire soundcard working now - very happy! Getting a new cable tomorrow for my third monitor - any thoughts on drivers/CUDA for my GT640? Thanks!
  6. Northwinds

    Cpus=1 but with proper SMBIOS?

    Sorry MaLd0n - no joy with that :-(
  7. Northwinds

    Cpus=1 but with proper SMBIOS?

    Thank you so much for your reply! For some reason uploading failed so here's a dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/p9u2ygugat6a2at/Send me Craigs-Mac.zip?dl=0 Cheers!
  8. Northwinds

    Cpus=1 but with proper SMBIOS?

    Any help here please?
  9. Hi all For those of you who read my last post, I have now managed to get everything working but with the correct SMBIOS (iMac 11.2), except... for the fact I still need cpus=1 to boot. As I mentioned in my other post I am a (older) student trying to finish a couple of courses and really need to be using at least El Capitan to do that. I have quite old hardware but it ran great right up to and including Yosemite. I do not have the cash to build a new system just yet so this is all I have. After booting in with cpus=1 I tried opening Final Cut Pro X (version 10.3.4 - which I need for my college work) but it just keeps crashing with the one processopr. The assignment I really need this for is due this Tuesday so i really need some help with this please? Any suggestions how to get the processor recognised correctly? Many thanks! config.plist kexts from clover.zip Craig’s Mac.ioreg.zip
  10. Northwinds

    Restore keeps rebooting?

    Hi all I've got an El Cap install that I'm still trying to fix properly and am currently trying to disable SIP via booting into my restore partition so I can try "csrutil disable", however... I only get to the point of selecting the dropdown for terminal and the system reboots, I've tried a few boot flags in clover but so far no joy. Any suggestions please? My hardware is quite old (looking at putting cash towards a new build later in the year but no option right now) but it worked perfectly with Yosemite. Cheers! Quick specs: CPU: i3 - 530 Mobo: Ga-H55M-S2H GPU: ASUS GT640
  11. Nothing changed much I'm afraid - you were right about the entries to remove. I did try the 11.1, 11.2 SMBIOS options again but - as when I was trying to fix this before, a few weeks back - the system seems to boot and then gives me a black screen, hence one of the reasons I settled on MacPro 4.1. I've added some basic system specs to my signature too. Thanks!
  12. Thanks for your reply! I'll try your suggestions and post back. All except for the SMBIOS I need to keep at MacPro 4.1 for my graphics. Thanks!
  13. Ok, so my build is pretty old but I won't have cash to start anything more up to date until much later in the year and I have some overdue college assignments I have to get done right now (I maybe should mention I'm a mature student so no asking Mummy and Daddy for money for a new machine). That said, this system has been excellent right up until I tried to change from Yosemite to El Capitan - which I need for a couple of software upgrades. I've been struggling with this for over a month now, so please help! I got rid of chimera and made the transition to clover (which I'd already used on other installs) and with a LOT of help across the community from here and elsewhere, have finally got over USB problems, Graphics issues and the huge changes from Yosemite to El Capitan - except for... Cpus=1 I still have to use to boot and this makes my system incredibly slow and almost unusable with frequent crashes, where Yosemite was rock solid. I've tried using a ton of suggestion to fix this (but perhaps I am doing them wrong so am willing to try again in detail anything suggested) and even tried making a DSDT and SSDT (but again perhaps I have made mistakes in this?). I am attaching to this post both an ioreg and a zip of my compete EFI in the hopes that someone here will be kind enough to have a look and advise me what I'm doing wrong? Many thanks! EFI.zip Craig’s Mac.ioreg.zip
  14. Hey! Can I ask you a few questions re this? I've got an old sony vaio running 10.6.7 (for a specific purpose) but can't seem to get the gma950 graphics working properly. I've tried your method but the dsdt edits don't correspond and I tried various places to insert the code but keep getting compiler edits. Can I please ask for your help on this?
  15. Any chance Dr Hurt is still looking in on this thread?