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  1. DeltaUnit38

    Possible problem with current OS installation

    Nah, the current dual-boot installation is on one single SSD. But if you say is true that when you have Clover and you select Ubuntu at boot-up, then it should not be a problem at all I think. I take it that you had Windows 10 and Ubuntu installed already as well?
  2. Hello So basically I am planning to install MacOS Sierra sooner or later, but I have a feeling that my current installation (Windows 10 Pro & Ubuntu 16.04) are going to cause trouble, because of Ubuntu's GRUB loader. Both operating systems are installed in UEFI mode, and that's why I am also going to use the Clover loader for my installation. What I just simply wonder is that if GRUB is going to interfere or not. Can I actually make a triple-boot with the current installation or do I have to get rid of Ubuntu and then reinstall it after I've got Clover?
  3. DeltaUnit38

    Question about removal of Clover

    Ah, that seems like a good option for installing that EFI mounter app. The first one however seems rather risky in a way though I tried it earlier in a virtual machine. But I would like to know as well if it's possible that there's a Windows or any other option without using the Mac OS X operating system if I can't reach it.
  4. Hello I have a question regarding the clover EFI bootloader. Now I want to dual boot my Windows 10 (installed) with Mac OS X El Capitan with help of Clover. But I want to know how and if I can get rid of Clover in case I run into trouble later on. I have been searching (Probably not good) on how to remove clover, but unfortunately with no success. The ones that I have found are rather confusing or simply complicated. That'll be all.
  5. DeltaUnit38

    Cannot boot into the installation

    My bios is in UEFI mode. Yesterday I tried to boot it up from a virtual machine using VMware, and that worked. Then I added the Mac OS X installer with the kexts I need and the config file, but then it did not work. I also added the HFSPlus-64.efi and deleted the VBoxHfs-64. Now the thing is, I didn't tried to boot the first thing up on my actual system. But I think it worked then. So I think I must've done something wrong by adding things for the installation.
  6. DeltaUnit38

    Cannot boot into the installation

    I already tried to reinstall the bootloader to my USB, and I did use F8 (I have an ASUS B85M-G), clicked on my USB (booting it up to UEFI) but as I said, that didn't work.
  7. Hello I recently decided to install Mac OS X Yosemite with help of Clover. I followed all steps of this guide: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/298521-easy-yosemite-1010-final-usb-installer-updated-10162014/ and the other that is currently on Tonymacx86 website. However, when I want to boot up from my USB, it doesn't show the bootloader itself and my computer boots straight back into Windows. I have a feeling I forgot to disable some BIOS/UEFI settings but I am not sure if I had to change anything.
  8. Thanks for the reply (second time I mention it xD) Anyway, I think your answer might just be the best idea. I will first attempt to run Mac OS X on the SSD as a test. If things works as I think it will, then I probably am going to keep it. And maybe later on I might install it on one single drive, but as you mentioned about that problem, I might just keep only Mac OS X onto the SSD instead of two OSes running on one.
  9. Hello First of all, I would like to note that this will be my first hackintosh 'project'. I never have attempted to install it, but I was planning multiple of times but I kept delaying it. Now to my question. Before I want to install Mac OS X Yosemite, I want to know if I am able to use my existing Windows 8 installation after I installed Mac OS X. If I am correct atleast, would it work if I unplug my main harddrive and keep only my SSD in for the Mac OS X installation? The method I want to use is Clover as I have a ASUS UEFI motherboard and I want to use iMessage and other applications that may not work on Chimera and I read somewhere that dualbooting works better with Clover. But, the thing is, my current Windows installation isn't installed on UEFI mode so will it interfere with something? Also, last one: Do I need to worry for something when Windows 10 comes out and when I want to upgrade my Windows 8.1 to it? Thanks already for answering Delta Unit 38 Specs: ASUS B85M-G | GPU: ASUS GeForce GT640 2GB VRAM | Intel Core i5 4430 3.20 GHz | RAM: 8 GB | HDD: 1 TB | SSD: 128GB OS: Windows 8.1 Pro x64