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  1. Success: P35-DS3, 8600GTsilent, iDeneb

    Forgot to mention, it is a Q6600, and I am xBench pressing at a 161.
  2. fyi, Been strugling for weeks, finally found a simple install with iDeneb V1.3 10.5.5 ! iDeneb (with the following settings) - ACC889 - ICHX Fixed - 9.4.0 XNU - Ethernet Intel - NVinject 0.2.1 256MB P35-DS3 8600GTsilent Sata disk and DVD VGA out (not testet DVI) Been running for a few hours now, everything seems fine, will report back if it fails,... (like Kalyway did after a few weeks)
  3. Hi, Having learned the hard way how long it can take to restore an install, I would like to back up everything using CarbonCopy Cloner. Is there a problem with that?. (it is not a dual boot, just a single GUID install) Cheers, walther
  4. The troubles I've seen

    Originally had these working great with Kalyway 10.5.1: P35-DS3L, ASUS 8600GT Silent. But after the unfortunate SoftwareUpdate incident, I could not get it working again,.... After many many many reboots, I now have VGA working but no DVI and an XBENCH of 168.02 The trick for me was Kalyway 10.5.2 9.2_sleep kernel and NVinject V.33 (all never failed) cheers, walther
  5. Troubles getting graphics to work

    I have tried the same. I got a bit further by using an old NVinject (.33) I think. It works once, but turns black after reboot. Works in safe mode though, post is around here somewhere. good luck
  6. First boot ok, second boot black (safe boot works) ?

    Does anyone know then what the difference between a boot and a safe boot (-x) is? Maybe I can isolate the error that way? cheers, walther
  7. Installed 10.5.2 without graphics, reboots and everything is fine. Installed NVinject, super after first reboot in full resolution. Second reboot black screen. -x (safe boot) works fine everytime What could be wrong? P35-DS3L ASUS EN8600GT Silent cheers, walther
  8. I'm google'd out,...

    bump, cheers
  9. Totally new to Hackintosh

    Hi start by figuring out if your hardware is compatible http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/HCL_10.5.2 Heat up google, and take week of from work,..... cheers, walther
  10. What is the format of this string?

    Hi, What is the format of this string? 0x040210de&0xfff0ffff 0x0402 -> This I can find in properties 10de&amp -> This is? ; 0xfff0ffff -> And this? Also do I have to delete all string on this format, and have hust one in each of these files? GeForce.kext NVDANV10.kext NVDANv20.kext NVDANV30.kext NVDANv40.kext NVDANV50.kext NVDARESMAN.kext (ASUS EN8600GT Silent) Thank you, walther
  11. I'm google'd out,...

    The short: I have 10.5.2 working fine with Kalyway10.5.2 with default graphics. The things I can try to get graphics working are those tricks unrelated to OS version and kernel version, or do I need to add them to the equation,... sigh The longer: What I have learned so far is that I have to use some nvidia injector, and the alter NVDAN30,40,50 and two other kext with a new ID. Why is that necessary when any installer could just ask the system, just like I would do manually? If you have a combination of OS/kernel/graphics that work for P35-DS3L 8600GT Silent pleeeeaaaase let me know,..... cheers, walther
  12. QuickFix for stupidity?

    It's an Intel, Q6600. I used Kalyway, and I think it is GUID. (used mtotho's guide) Thank you,
  13. QuickFix for stupidity?

    ok, I guess I can not recover. Is there a way to boot it so that I can transfer the files to another mac? (its a SATA disk, and I do not have any external cases for it) Thank you,
  14. QuickFix for stupidity?

    Thank you for the quick reply,... It is not a dual boot installation. (Kalyway) Is there no roll-back or something as part of Software Update? Thank you,
  15. QuickFix for stupidity?

    Hi, Just searched the forum thinking I was not the only one who always Just Says Yes to updates,.... looks like I am. Anyway, is there a fix if you used Software Update with 10.5.3 ? Thank you,