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  1. Pixelmator Vs. Photoshop

    Pixelmator is more of a competitor of Photoshop Elements than it is Photoshop. I haven't dug deep into it yet, however it does not seem too bad for the price. Layer Groups, the option for a polygon lasso, and vector tools would be great. I think we will see more of these tools added as the software moves into 2.0 status. Hell, layers didn't even show up in photoshop until what, version 4 or 5? I forget. Rome wasn't built in a day I also wish it followed more of the photoshop conventions with short cuts and UI. For example, to show the brush outline of the brush on the screen, you have to press caps lock. Where as in Photoshop it was enabled by default(and caps lock turns it off... it's just backwards in Pixelmator). They also use different shortcuts for some of the tools, for example using 'O' for the sharpen tool where as it's 'R' in photoshop. PSPHax0r9: You can set per-layer blending options in the current version of Pixelmator. Just select the layer, and then set the blending option. KIKO: You seem to imply tapping into the power of the Core Image API and taking advantage of the GPU a gimmicky feature - I would call it a potentially useful feature, especially for users on older hardware that don't need the advanced features of Photoshop and may experience a major performance boost. Truth be told, while Pixelmator is noticeably faster than Photoshop for me, however when I open up activity monitor it seems to be making heavy use of one of my cpu cores. So, I wonder if there's an issue on my machine with Core Image hardware acceleration. Ultimately, I've tried the demos for a few apps and, I will be picking up a license in the MacHeist II bundle sometime shortly. It does the job well enough and the price is right ($49.00 for 11+ apps, including Pixelmator and CSSedit. I'm holding off until they unveil the referral program, as they claim there will be additional software as a bonus. Just not sure why they don't have the referral program up yet.
  2. IDE does indeed work WeakSauce, at least the it work's with the DVD burner I purchased. Haven't tried any hard drives. I ended up installing an ATI 2600xt, it works with the package from the netkas IRC channel. Just had to boot into safe mode(-x at prompt) to install it. I heard support for the 2600xt is being added in 10.5.2, along with a bunch of nvidia chipsets as well, so we may soon be able to eliminate the need for a package at all. Also, what's wrong with your audio, aside from the mic not working? I haven't tested extensively, however I my monitor speakers connected for basic O/S sounds and watching viral videos, etc... they seem to be working fine. So, unless you're talking about surround sound, you shouldn't need a usb card for basic speakers/headphones. Also as you mentioned, mute doesn't seem to work, however when I press the mute button on my keyboard, OS X recognizes it and the volume overlay pops up... so it should be a simple fix. I just have no idea where to look for that. Now that I have everything up and running, I'm going to try to do a retail install using the information from the various threads on this forum. I'll try to keep track of which files are added/removed/changed in hopes that we can possibly create a modified patcher for the retail disk to get as close to stock as possible. I looked at the BrazilMac script, and the terminal language/commands in it are a little dense for me. Perhaps somebody else will be able to shed some light on them.
  3. I would suggest looking at what Antec has to offer. Unlike the Transformer, Antec's cases typically aren't terribly flashy, but they are of good quality and they make great power supplies. I would suggest the Sonota III, specifically. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16811129024
  4. Oh boy... I did do a search, and the results indicated that the IDE ports worked, so perhaps there's a modified kext out there that would be needed. Perhaps with luck (for me anyway), you're just having a configuration issue in bios. Also, I've been looking over the guide and woundering if we can't simplify this further. For example, I think we could move the partitioning and EFI installation on to the USB stick and run it from the install DVD. I'm not 100% sure, but I beleive the process is essentially formating with GPT in Disk utility, unmounting, and then running some terminal commands (which could be automated by a shell script) which format the specific partition scheme and copy the EFI files on to the drive. (At least, this is what I could gather by reading a few EFI installation guides. I will have to look into it further.) Another thing I'm curious about is the BrazilMac patcher. I wounder if anybody could tell me exactly what this does? I tried searching but I couldn't find any info on what the patcher actually does. Does it just remove content from the DVD so it will fit on a single layer DVD or does it make other changes? If it just removes content from the DVD, perhaps this step is only optional for those who only have a single layer burner/discs... and for those who have a retail copy of leopard, maybe actually be able to install directly from the DVD? Of, if it makes changes by adding/changing files on the DVD, then maybe we could use it to shoehorn the EFI related materials on to the DVD image? I don't know, just some food for thought if you wanted to give the guide further revision weaksauce.
  5. Okay, question... My case is arriving in a separate shipment (tomorrow, I guess), but I have all my hardware so I opened up the boxes to examine everything and make sure there's no physical damage, etc... and realized that the burner I bought is EIDE and not SATA. Has anybody tested to see if the EIDE ports work under leopard on this board? Everybody seems to be using SATA for their hard drives and burner, so I wonder.
  6. Do you use OSX86 as your primary OS ?

    I installed OS X as a fun on the side project about five or six weeks ago, and have booted back into windows exactly twice to retrieve some files. Really, the only stability issue I've run into has been the crappy NTFS driver that came up uphuck 10.4.10, however that's not related to OS X. I've heard that the Paragon driver is stable but I don't really care enough to shell out the twenty bucks for it. I've really been quite pleased, I was not expecting to "switch" to OS X, and certainly not so fast. But once I installed , I never looked back. Due to my surprising experience with OS X, I have decided to build a new machine to be more compatible with the vanilla leopard. I just received my hardware shipment from new egg a few hours ago, so later tonight I suspect I will be piecing it together. I plan on using OS X very nearly 100% from here on out.
  7. Went belly up... with the ad revenue they'd collected from having their users surf with their software serving ads.
  8. Uphuck or Kalyway

    Needs a "roll your own" option
  9. Is Steve hurting Apple?

    Regarding licensing OS X on non-Apple hardware: I don't think this would be as dangerous as some of you suggest. The Apple of today is a very different company compared to the Apple of the clone-era. Today, Apple produces much more than just the Mac line of computers... there is of course the iPod and iPhone, but also and perhaps more importantly they also make software other than OS X. They have the Aperture, Final Cut, iLife (+ Garage Band add ons), iWork, and Logic... and whatever else they can come up with in the future. Additionally, if Apple opened up OS X to non-Apple hardware, they would not be responsible for developing drivers for different hardware configurations, instead they would simply require signed drivers and institute a "Made for Mac" program where vendors would have to send in their hardware and drivers in to be validated, which would also possibly create a new source of revenue, like with iPod accessories. Really, the only thing Apple would have to do is become more competitive and innovative in their hardware - and this would be good for everybody. Whether they lowered prices or offered specialized configurations geared towards audio production, video editing, etc... in the long run, imho, everybody would benefit.
  10. Perhaps we can create a BadAxe 2 specific flat file install that comes pre-patached with the required kexts? It's certainly a popular build on the forums, and if this thread is any indication people may continue to build with this board despite newer technology coming out due to the compatibility offered. I'm sure it would be a quite popular installation, but I'm not entirely sure how to create one. My hardware won't arrive until Monday, as I ordered last week but sadly new egg's packages don't get delivered on Saturdays. I guess they probably receive a discounted rate from UPS in exchange. Once I get it pieced together, I will try to see what I can do. I don't know if there would be a way to include the EFI in this, perhaps a darwin script that could create the GUID partition scheme before launching the installer? Or such a script include in the Utilities menu of the installer? Hmm...
  11. I can't speak for you guys over seas, but here in the US we also pay tax on all of our income... usually 25-30%, depending on how much you make and what tax bracket that puts you in. Fortunately here where I live, our local tax is only 5%... well 6% because we recently enacted a local sales tax to pay for some school programs. That said, there are some (crazy, imho) proposals to do away with the income tax and replace it with a national sales tax, which many would estimate would have to be in the range of 40+% to be viable. If some have their way, we may soon join some of you others paying crazy amounts of sales tax! (and US citizens: vote no on the Fair Tax!) That said, I've never understood why such products are so expensive in other countries. I was under the impression that Americans were generally considered wealthy compared to most of the industrialized world (up until the plummeting of the dollar started a few years ago). I couldn't imagine even the thought of paying 900 USD for an iPod. I think there would be a revolt!
  12. Did you end up getting thet BLK or BOX board? You linked to two different models on New Egg and zip zoom. EDIT: I guess the BLK stands for bulk and comes with a few less items in box or something.
  13. Asus M2N-SLI Deluxe

    Just chiming in to confirm another successful install of OS X on this motherboard. I used uphucks 10.4.9 1.3 universal DVD. Specs are: 4200+ x2 2gb G.skill DDR2 Gigabyte 7600gt 256mb Installed on to an IDE disk. I used the latest kernel included with the DVD, which I believe is universal. Worked with out issue. Despite having trying both the forcedeth and forcedeth-nockd kext, I could not get my onboard networking to properly function. OS X would recognize both PHYs and give the correct MAC address, but would not recognize that a cable was plugged in. I eventually bought a NetGear GA311 as my onboard networking has been flaky from day one anyhow. I installed all of the nvidia drivers figurely at least one of them would work - I know for sure that both the Natit .1 and .2 seem to work, as well as the Titan kext. I am unsure if NVDA is working, I just noticed the mentioned three during start up. I am going to try to remove all but the Titan kext. Sound worked with included kext (Az-something or another). I installed the NTFS-3G kext, but it's absolute junk. I don't think this issue is limited to this board or release, sounds like a common complaint. I would suggest just skipping this. Create a FAT32 partition for swaping files between OS X and windows, if needed. On that note, although I'm not sure if it's related, I am having some trouble with disk utility. It occasionally seems to hang. I also have an NTFS partition that I cannot seem to unmount. I receive a message about it being in use, which as far as I can tell it's not. Other NTFS partitions unmount just fine, so I'm not sure what's going on with this one but the problem persists after system restarts. I think it may be SATA related. A few more disk related errors - on start up, I get a diskarb error - whatever that is. However it does not prevent me from booting into OS X, so ultimately no big deal. At shut down I get an error saying "IOATAController device blocking bus", which repeats about once a minute. Sometimes it wil get past this and shut down properly, often I will lose my patiance and power down the machine my self. OS X boots up fine the next session, so no harm done that I can see. Just curious to see if any other m2n-sli users are getting this error; if it's chipset related or what. Anyway, I think that about sums up my problems with this motherboard. For actual usage, it works just fine and is very fast.
  14. Boot problem with Uphuck 10.4.9a (diskarb?)

    Just chiming in to say that I also have received that message during start up, however it does not prevent OSX from booting.