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  1. Please don't post unrelated questions from what's posted in the original post of the thread.
  2. Thanks for all your work. I have benefited immensely from unlocker and had been lurking around here for the past 4 years...but wanted to say thank you as you hang up the hat. I am hoping someone else might have the expertise to work on the ESXi 6.5 issues with unlocker. I haven't tried it yet but am nervous to try it - but it seems like a mixed bag at the moment...some are reporting success, while others have reported all their VMs, even non-Mac OS ones, freezing. I don't wish to go back to ESXi 6.0 just for this...so hopefully someone will find a solution. Regardless Dave, your work is deeply appreciated. Good luck with your new endeavors.
  3. Just a thank you to pjg61. Followed your steps and it worked like a charm.
  4. I have the same version of ESXi running. Glad to hear that your VMs are working fine (past posts on this thread indicates thateven non-MacOS VMs wouldn't start after installing unlocker but I believe that was with unlocker 2.0.8, not 2.0.9). What I really would like to know is whether you have a Mac OS VM running on ESXi, and if you don't, would you be willing to install one? Thanks for any info.