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  1. As for the BT controllers working in BIOS I have no idea if it's even possible with m.2 format. I have my experience with BCM94360CD PCI and some custom made solution with 9-pin USB connector soldered to BT device ripped from iMac. Both of them share the same idea of powering bluetooth via internal connector to MB so that might be case. Also I read somewhere that some USB dongle from Belkin (FT016 if I remember correctly) may work in such manner, depending on your motherboard. I've also ordered BCM94360CS2 from MacBook Air + NGFF adapter to see if it's gonna work, but my hopes are not high DCPI shows this: 00:00.0 Host bridge [0600]: Intel Corporation (null) [8086:191f] (rev 07) (subsys 1849:191f) 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: Intel Corporation (null) [8086:1912] (rev 06) (subsys 106b:1912)
  2. Hi Denicio, had little time to work on my build, but wanted to report back that I finally managed to get BT to work thanks to your help. I kept all of the kext files in CLOVER/kexts/10.12 instead S/L/E/, I missed this point before somehow . Oh, I've also been wondering if there's any M.2 wifi/bt card, that would allow me to use my apple wireless keyboard in BIOS/bootloader? I got used to my PCI BCM94360CD I have in my other MiniATX setup which works this way. Anyway, the problem with HD530 still remains as I have no acceleration and it indicates it has 14mb @ About This Mac overview tab. No matter which id-platform corresponding to HD530 I set, with Intel Inject disabled/enabled, or with fakeID provided to get Intel HD SKL CRB, I always end up having no graphics. I might allocate 64mb/128mb/auto @ iGPU in BIOS, still it has no effect. GfxYTile patch? Nope. Last thing I see is verbose log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7y069f5pww3pfom/IMG_0308.JPG?dl=0 I will add my config later, I currently have no access to my hack right now.
  3. Yeah, the case is the best part of my whole setup and worst, cause it forced me to choose thin mini-itx format while there are not so many options for such MB's. As for other components I'm struggling with Bluetooth @ BCM94352z (M.2) and that's kind of surprise as I read somewhere that this card runs OOB (my bad, didn't do my research well). But found some resolution to this issue which I will test tomorrow. I'm still having problems with my HD530, as it runs with no acceleration and System report shows it has 14mb memory, but there's some options I haven't tested out yet. Had no other issues, but then again I couldn't spend more time to make sure if it's true .
  4. Denicio, it didn't work at first, but after I injected Intel I finally managed to get to the installer . Not sure if ig-platform was causing all the trouble, but hey, it works like a charm now. Thanks a million!!
  5. Sure, you can find photos from verbose here. About the videocard it's unfortunately impossible as I intended to build me newest hack with this case and I'm sure that it simply won't fit in. I won't be even able to stick any mini-itx videocard in there. About the AML, AFAIR I did it once and removed SSDT-2.aml from ACPI/patched + corresponding entries in config.plist but without them I'm getting stuck even sooner. I'll try it once again maybe I missed something.
  6. So I bought an adapter and utilized DVI -> HDMI connection with no effect no matter the DVI fix is applied or not. The only difference between using HDMI -> HDMI and DVI -> HDMI is that the verbose log disappears while using the latter (so the effect is exactly the same as was for Perkee). I have no idea what to do next :z
  7. Tried HDMI <-> HDMI only as from what I've read the DVI port was causing such troubles in most cases. I'll get an DVI -> HDMI adapter (as my display lacks in DVI port), see if it changed anything and report back.
  8. Hi Denicio! I'm having exactly the same issue as Perkee before he ditched the DVI port connection, even though my display is hooked via HDMI. The only difference is my MB which is Asrock H110TM-ITX mk I. Do you possibly know where to look for a reason?