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  1. SECOND7

    Vector Graphics

    I come from a software dev background but getting in to web dev. And i dont have much experience with graphics. I hear Vector drawing is an important skill. Any ideas where to start with this ? I mean i have had limited art classes in the past. But im fairly good at sketching. which software do you recommend me starting on ? Illustrator, Freehand, fireworks ? and where can i get tutorials ? thanks _________________ mobility scooter Active Adult Community
  2. SECOND7

    Filters for night photography

    I was wondering, since shooting in broad day light the ND or ND grad filter was recommended. Are there any form of filters that are recommended for night photography? or there are none? I happened to come across this website http://www.igloophotography.com/gall...yScapesTravel/ the night scenes are sharp and nicely taken. hope to get some advice from the experienced. Thank you _________________ mobility scooter Active Adult Community
  3. SECOND7

    Farcry Oem

    Anyone want it? Serial is on its paper sleeve. Got it with a GFX card? Any takers? Save me throwing it away! _________________ mobility scooter Active Adult Community