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    Hackintool v2.3.1

    Generated by the latest Hackintool v1.9.6 Unfortunately, it results the same. I've attached following files for you: -SSDT-EC.aml -SSDT-UIAC.aml -SSDT-USBX.aml -USBPorts.kext -com.Headsoft.Hackintool.plist USB-SSDT-1.9.6.zip
  2. shasen1235

    Hackintool v2.3.1

    Sorry for the late reply, I'm on a 4-day holiday at this moment:D I followed the instruction: Find all 2.0 and 3.0 ports, delete those not being used and export I'm pretty sure I did it correctly since the kext it generated works The second ssdt I provided was even generated under the kext loaded(And yes, this time I deleted all then export) Right now I'm away from my hack but when I go home is there anything I can provide to help figuring this out? Thanks again for the help!
  3. shasen1235

    Hackintool v2.3.1

    Here you go USB SSDT-1.9.4.zip
  4. shasen1235

    Hackintool v2.3.1

    Same result Guess I'll just stay on the old method at this moment
  5. shasen1235

    Hackintool v2.3.1

    For some weird reason when I use SSDT method all the ports(Including those already deleted) are shown and marked as "Internal" And if I switch back to kext method it reports the config I set perfectly(Those files are generated at the same time) Can anyone point out what have I done wrong, thank! USB patch for Z170A Krait.zip
  6. The new VoodooI2C does scroll smoother but with jitter. And sometimes when you scroll faster the panel thinks you are using one finger and starts to select texts Three fingers scroll through desktops works now Thanks for the explain, at the end of the day if the battery works I'm fine with it, just sometimes when I play StarCraft2 the battery low warning pops up lol
  7. Just tried the new driver and I have to say...actually not bad!! So here's the working and non-working features I found: Working: Basic single touch&Scroll Hold press then release=right click Two fingers to scroll-Works but like you said, a bit rough Three fingers up=Mission control Three fingers down=App Expose Not working: Two fingers tap to right click Double click to launch or zoom Pinch to zoom Two fingers spin Two fingers from right edge=NC Three fingers pinch=Launchpad Three fingers split=Back to desktop Still got more to work on to be a functional TouchScreen. But man, I'm feeling pretty hopeful after try these. Good job and please keep going!!! ==== By the way, is it common that battery icon shows as a "X" instead of percentage from time to time? When it shows the percentage it is overall accurate though The patches I applied are your DSDT patch and AppleACPIBatteryManager.kext in Clover/kexts/10.12 If I did anything wrong or miss something please tell me, thanks!
  8. I must be dreaming but...Jesus is that you?!!! Multi Gesture support on screen and trackpad were things I never expected to work on our SP3 but you just said you've already finished one and might work on another in the future? Man, I can't be more excited but I'll have to wait till tomorrow since I left my SP3 at school. Anyway, thanks for your hard work! Hope we'll have rest of those parts fixed soon!!
  9. Alright, I've found the way to make VoodooI2C(Touch) works too. Extract the following file I attached and read the guide in it. Remember right now putting VoodooI2C into Clover or L/E will most likely results into kernel panic during boot up. I've also included a method ii in the guide, use it if you wish to have VoodooI2C loaded automatically when boot up. VoodooI2C.zip
  10. So yes, finally, I've fixed the mic that I thought I would never get to work Turns out Mirone's patch for ALC288 has wrong Mic node config number Now I can say we have Surface Pro 3's audio fully working here Speaker、Audio jack、Mic all done with native AppleHDA And the best thing is you'll never lose it after update(Unless Apple does some crazy change in the future) and have audio working even from the beginning of installation. If you are using my files I previously uploaded, remove all the audio patches L/E/adummyHDA.kext Clover "kext to patch" patches Clover/kext/OSversion/HDAEnabler.kext Most important:Restore original AppleHDA and rebuild cache with KextUtility or whatever you prefer to use All you need to do last is just extract the file attached to Clover/kext/OSversion and inject "3" to Clover/Devices/Audio That's it, you should have your audio fully working!! If you think those process above is too confusing tt you, I can update my full Clover again anyway Anyway, the mic on SP3 really took me months to complete, glad I eventually done it:) Surface Pro 3 Audio fully fix.zip
  11. For me VoodooHDA is just a work around, not a real solution From what I've experienced on Yosemite, VoodooHDA doesn't works on SP3's headphone jack And the sound from built-in speaker is low and lame The mic does work but no audio jack is a worse situation for me Recently from what I've leared the mic doesn't work on ALC288 with AppleHDA might be caused by the wrong layout-id Well, not to be called wrong, just not the best for alc288 The file I released is using 3 for layout-id And the way I patched it is actually wrong too, but it ended up works just becasue I got the workable combination For people still using my file, I suggest to revert back to original AppleHDA And leave aDummyHDA.kext in S/L/E Add kexttopatch patch written in \MironeAudio\10ec0288\274.12\Clover\config.plist to your Clover Then remove any other audio kexts or patch from your system This way, your system will be much cleaner and easier to patch after future OS update Or If you want your system 100% clean and has audio working even from the begining of the OS installation You can use AppleALC, which is the best solution so far I know The methos is even easier than AppleHDA patcher Just throw the kext into your Clover and set the layout-id suggested on the github
  12. Not much progress has been done actually Currently I don't want to upgrade my working machine, because SmoothMouse no longer works on 10.12 If there's no alternate solution I might just stay with 10.11 or revert my main works to Windows 10 I'm sorry but an OS without proper input is not an ideal OS for me
  13. shasen1235

    [Guide] 10.10 On the Surface Pro 3

    Having problem upgrading to Sierra on my SP3 here Can't install from both macOS drive、USB Can you provide your Clover information? Diver64UEFI Kexts Clover version Dual boot or not Thanks!
  14. Hey cydia2020! I'm having same issue on Surface Pro 3 too Here are what I've tried: First time direct upgrade from macOS drive>>can't install to macOS drive(can't unmount) Second time boot"install macOS from macOS drive">>Need to verified machine by Apple, but just keeps running and never go to next step. Update from USB boot drive>>Able to run install, however will automatically restart at the last second and nothing is done So basically we are having the same problem and the only method is to update from recovery drive?Hmmm... There's a guy on the thread saying he completed Sierra update successfully, probably we should ask his environment and see if will work Long live the Surface !!!