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  1. HELP with Asus N10 OS X install.....

    I'm looking to install OS X on my Asus N10J , can any one please add any updates to this topic Thanks .
  2. HELP with Asus N10 OS X install.....

    Hi guy's , Any one know how to how to Set SATA to AHCI mode in the BIOS. ( windows xp ) , I am just messing about with my N10J and iDeneb Thanks Siam
  3. Hi, I am trying to use iDeneb ( v1.3 10.5.5 ) dual boot with my Windows xp machine, so ive made a new un named primary, unformatted partition ... But when I get to the part ... Disk utility , it does not show '' any '' of my partitions, so I cannot choose the destination ? The strange thing, which I don't know if its a coincidence and any thing to do with not seeing any of my partitions in the disk Utility, is that ive just gone to try and install Windows 7 on the same machine , and also when I have to choose the destination, ( a partition on my Windows xp machine ) , Windows 7 cannot also find any of my partitions . any thoughts or advice on this would be welcome
  4. I am in the process of trying to installing iDeneb , and I am having a problem with creating a new partition on my Windows XP machine, as I want to dual boot windows XP and OS X , this is the route ive taken.. Right click My computer Select Manage Disk management My existing empty ''D'' partition ( 75GB ) is the one I want to install OS X on , when I Right click and look for ..Delete Partition all I can see is ... Delete logical Drive , I wanted to create a new unformatted primary partition , but as I can't see the delete Partition on the drop down menu, ( only Delete Logical Drive ) I can't go any further , I am still learning , so can some one please tell me where I am going wrong , and how to do it correctly - -
  5. HELP with Asus N10 OS X install.....

    I am still looking at installing OS X on my ASUS N10J , and just came across this video, what do you guys think ?
  6. Sorry if this is the wrong place..? I am planning to get a new iMac soon ( my first ever Apple Mac ) I use Firefox Portable Browser v2.0.0.9 installed on a USB thumb drive, And would like if possible to transfer my Firefox Portable bookmarks to the Mac Safari . can some one please tell me if that's Possible and the easiest way to do it ..? Thanks….