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  1. Colour banding

    Nvidia EFI works also for Nvidia Gefore GO 7300 to resolve colour branding.
  2. Laptop boots only when plugged in

    I've got the same problem too. I read there that the solution is "to chose amd patch(or kernel) instead of intel while installing mac". But I don't know how because the Uphuck dvd is only for intel...
  3. Power battery problem

    I've got the same problem with my Asus A6VM. I installed Uphuck v. 1.4i (10.4.9 Tiger) but there is no AMD options on the dvd (dvd only for Intel). Where I can find the AMD packages I need ? Thanks.
  4. [RESOLVED] Very slow hackintosh

    I tried with the 10.4.10 but it wasn't working (no boot). So I downloaded the Uphuck version 1.4.9 and all is working perfectly, I installed the drivers I needed and all is ok! Thanks a lot for speaking about Uphuck!
  5. [RESOLVED] Very slow hackintosh

    Ok I'm going to try with this dvd, I will tell you the result just after.
  6. [RESOLVED] Very slow hackintosh

    I can't update from this dvd, so I think it's the full but it's only a 1.3 Gb iso file. I think I'm going to reinstall Ubuntu...
  7. [RESOLVED] Very slow hackintosh

    Thanks for your answer. Yes it's SSE2 I just downloaded the 10.4.10 version, do you think it will work better ? I will juste have to update the kernel, right?
  8. [RESOLVED] Very slow hackintosh

    I don't know, I was under Ubuntu before and I didn't find a way to verify if it was SSE2 or SSE3. How can I verify it under Mac Os ?
  9. Hello everybody, I just installed Mac Os Jas 1.4.8 on my laptop (Asus A6VM, Intel Centrino 1.8 Ghz, 1 Gb Ram) it works perfectly but all is very slow. It's very long to start (3 minutes), and when I run several applications, it's very slow. I thought it came from my graphic card (Nvidia 7300 Go) but I installed the driver (the resolution and the graphic effects are now perfect) and the problem is still there. Does someone can help me? Thanks.