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  1. Realtek ALC 268 Acer Driver Problem!

    try this: http://www.projectosx.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=355 it works for me. good luck, t.
  2. IGP is GMA x4500, not working in Leopard. Check this: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...3&hl=DG45FC Hi, t.
  3. ATI SB400 AC97 Repost Request

    @Presko, SP1950: Maybe you're in the right place (ole2 reports success with your chipset). On my conf (1002:e004) this audio kext has some problems, sometimes it works and sometimes doesn't. At every reboot it gives a different result, and still I don't know why. You must keep an eye to Utilities-Audio MIDI Setup. Most of times in Audio output tab I can switch between (2ch, 4ch, 6ch), sometimes not (only 2ch or nothing at all!). If you can switch between 2ch, 4ch and 6ch you have to: 1. switch to 4ch 2. switch back to 2ch (NOT 6ch or it will crash your system!) This causes the driver to reinitialize, it always works for me. t.
  4. New AGPGart

    Yes! thanks t.
  5. New AGPGart

    cerbero85: which version of IONDRVSupport are you using? 1.4.3 from Tiger 10.4.6 or the original one in Leopard? which IOPCIFamily? could you please provide kexstat results? thx!

    Hi Eternal, sincerely I find strange your attitude about source sharing. You never answer to direct requests to share source code. Why? Where is the problem? Everyone here shares source code, so it is possible to grow as a community. I hope you will decide to share. Thanks, t.
  7. New AGPGart

    For you (NVIDIA) it means "GeForceGA.plugin" BIOS setting
  8. New AGPGart

    Slice: sorry but I somehow broke my setup last week (my osx86 partition was not readable anymore, and I could neither repair it from my second working partition !) So I have to setup my installation again. I will be back ASAP!
  9. New AGPGart

    oops sorry you're right.. but it has become really difficult to keep trace of every working/not working configuration.. So, with this new IONDRVSupport, the results are: 1. AGP_Base = 0x08000000 = Aperture Size (128 Mb) The system boot in GUI!!!!! BUT 2. Though system profiler says QE/CI is supported, XBench OpenGL test, OpenGL Extension Viewer and OpenMark crash. Why? Maybe IONDRVSupport 10.4.6 is not compatible with 10.4.11 OpenGL Framework? (EDIT: without AGPGart, QE/CI don't crash, so it seems IONDRVSupport from 10.4.6 and OpenGL Framework from 10.4.11 are compatible. Other reasons!) 3. XBench results for UI interface and QG tests are lower than without AGPGart. Maybe I can test different flushtime values? 4. Strange behavoiur: after a while GUI booted and desktop appeared, screen colors became a little lighter..
  10. ATI SB400 AC97 Repost Request

    Which device are you using? Please report VENDOR_ID and PRODUCT_ID of your audio device.
  11. New AGPGart

    I am in Tiger 10.4.11. I replaced IONDRVSupport with 10.4.9 ver, same blue screen. Same result with 0x08000000 and 128Mb Aperture Size! It seems to be the right address.
  12. New AGPGart

    I've tried following values (with both 64Mb and 128Mb aperture size): 0xe4000000 0xf8000000 0x00000004 0x04000000 0x02000000 result: always black screen but never KP. Only one time, with 0x04000000 and 64mb ap. s.: blue screen. What does it mean??? t.
  13. New AGPGart

    I continue testing, without better luck. My VRAM = 0xe0000000 My Host_Address = 0xfc000000 I tried: 1. Keeping 64Mb aperture, AGP_Base = VRAM+64Mb = 0xe4000000 AGP_Base = Host_Address+64Mb = 0x100000000 AGP_Base = 0xf0000000, 0xe8000000, 0xe4000000, 0xe2000000 (just guessing!) Results: always KP 2. With 32Mb aperture, with every value I can boot into GUI! And: yes, I deleted Extensions.mkext and Extensions.kextcache every time I change a value in AGPGart/Contents/Info.plist or change Aperture Size!
  14. New AGPGart

    e4000000 -> KP f8000000 -> KP
  15. New AGPGart

    Ok sorry but I can't boot in GUI with 64 or 128 mb aperture. I tried 64Mb with different values for AGP_Base: 0: KP the first time, other times a strange white and black composition like a chessboard. d8000000, e0000000, e8000000: KP.