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  1. Look to me this thread may almost be dead, though stickied for reference...but.. I'm also having a DMG Issue. But I don't get kernel panics In fact I don't even get an error message at all. Nothing happens. The icons for the DMG files just look like the generic white piece of paper icon. This started when I used the Zeph tool to update to 10.5.7.. I couldnt mount DMGs without getting an error message and USB drives failed to mount. I dont remember what I did after that as my computer was out for a few months due to HW failure. I started working on this error again but I cant fix! I've used pacifist to install different version of the DiskImageMounter (as it has a blank icon as well) Ive installed different kernels (last official Voodoo, the unsupported versions too), tried all seatbelt kexts..Nothing changes. I finally installed 10.5.8 iDeneb and still nothing changed. I'm at a loss on what to do. The only way I've gotten it to actually give me an Error is by installing an older DiskImageMounter from 10.5.6 Disk. I believe its actual version is 10.5.4. EVerything after (even 10.5.8) is version 10.5.5 any ideas?
  2. I have a SONY External DVD+RW that for some reason just isn't detected by my Hackintosh. It works on the computer under Vista, as well as on my MBPRO, but for some reason doesn't work on here...HELP!