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  1. Big question about ethernet

    Nevermind to the whole idea I Spent my hour trip to Fry's and picked up an Airlink ASOHORL and have everything up and running fine.
  2. My big problem which is brought me to a screeching halt in running OS X86 is this. I have an Apple TV and with the first motherboard I tried (an EVGA nf44 which has the nforce 4 chipset and I was using the forcedeath driver) I would be able to see the Apple TV for a little over a minute in the device list on the left hand side of iTunes then it would disappear. I tried every fix I could find for this there was one I found on this forum about setting your ethernet to be en0 which I tried several times to no avail I also tried deleting the network and preference plist as this tip also suggested which didn't work either. Unfortunately this kills the Apple TV for me because with it constantly disconnecting from the library it won't accomplish syncing or streaming. I then tried a different mobo I just happen to have lying around which was an ECS K8T890-A which has the VIA chipset this works without the Apple TV disappearing from iTunes however the problem with it is that when going to sync or stream to the Apple TV it is incredibly slow. I have 3000+ songs in my iTunes library and left it syncing for 8+hours to come back and find that it was only through about 1000 songs. Then I tried buying a cheap Linksys Network Everywhere NC100U-WM pci ethernet card from local Walmart was not my first choice ,but the only thing I could get locally without an hour or more drive. Got the Linksys card to work using the tulip driver without a whole lot of trouble, only to find out it had the same vanishing problem as the nforce4 mobo ethernet. I am using an AMD Athlon X2 3800+ running 1gb ram a 100gb Maxtor SATA HD a Samsung SATA DVD burner. One question I have is if I go out and buy a pci ethernet card that works natievly with OS X do you guys think that will take care of my problem and what card do you recommend or is there any solution to the vanishing problem I have been having? BTW I have tried this both with my wifes' Macbook hooked up to the same ethernet and Windows running iTunes and both have no probems seeing the Apple TV and syncing or streaming with it at a decent speed. I also have tried multiple versions of iTunes as suggested elsewhere in this fourm with no luck. I'm sorry for the long post, but I'm at my wits end with all of this and have tried looking through the forum several times without finding the answers I need. Thanks to all in advance for your time with this recommend appreciate any help or tips anyone has.Sorry just an update I'm only using one EVGA 7600gt OS X really doesn't like SLI and I'm now running the 10.4.10 Tubgirl disk.Sorry just a quick update only running one 7600gt due to the fact OS X doesn't seem to like SLI and now I'm running Tubgirl 10.4.10.Sorry just a quick update only running one 7600gt due to the fact OS X doesn't seem to like SLI and now I'm running Tubgirl 10.4.10.
  3. Dumbest Logic I have ever seen.

    Having been a person who actually followed this forumla with first a iMac older variant with the pod like base and the LCD attached to an arm and which I intally paid $1800 for then sold on E-bay 2 years later for $800 (the only reason the price hit so low was because the new dual cores were out) then again with a Mac mini (btw the best media PC ever made hands down) which I bought on E-bay for $500 and a year later sold for $400. Sure you can install OSX on a PC but it is not a simple thing, not to mention close to illegal and not every out there is all that tech savy. BTW I personaly am a person of questionable morles espially when it comes to software and money LOL. Yes Macs are expensive, Yes they are overpriced, but so are Hummers and BMW's and Lexuses but they still sell and have a huge resale value. Simply put the PC market is no differnet then any other market. You get what you pay for.
  4. Universal GeForce Driver package

    Hello all, First post for me here. Just recently started trying to install OSX86 on my PC. I have had some luck. I have gotten both 10.4.3 and 10.4.8 the JAS flavors to install on my system with some difficulty, but they both worked. My question is does anyone know if running SLI will cause any problems with this driver package because both times I've tried to install it it's caused OSX to hang at the load screen then I try to go in through VMware and remove the extensions and reinstall the backup then repair the disk permissions to no avil. Thanks to all of you though because of your fourm I will be up and running OSX86 on my PC.