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    Lenovo ThinkPad T420 with UEFI Only

    FOA Thanx for your work and this tutor! I'd successfully installed OSX/Yosemite. However some of your instructions was'nt that clear. For instance, I was confused about what is the ESP of USB and googled with no result. Also I had installed Yosemite using MutliBe@st bootable USB flash drive. After that I had successfully booted up into OSX but using the drive only. After that the Part 2 - Post OS Installation and Setup on HD didn't help, the Clover was set as bootloader but failed to load into OSX. Also Reboot - Boot Clover from HD vs USB. Hit the spacebar on your boot selection (OSX) to start up without kext caches to make sure it loads all the custom kexts just installed. There is no such option as "without kext caches" but there are "without caches", "without injected kexts" and "without caches and injected kexts" in Clover bootloader. However nothig from those 3 options helped me to boot. I've got panic about AppleACPIPowerManagement or something like this. Since nothing helped I had to setup Clover to my MutliBe@st flash drive, boot using it and only after that with repeating Part 2 mentioned above it was done. Now my T420 boots into OSX using Clover with no any issues. My Lenovo is T420 / i7-2630M / HD300 only / 8Gb RAM and Samsung SSD. My question is: What about SSD TRIM for non-Apple SSDs? There is an option in MutliBeast: Trim Enabler: 10.10.x trom patch (Patches the 10.10.x version of /System/Library/Extensions/IOAHCIFamily.kext/Contents/Plugins/IOAHCIBlocksStorage.kext to enable TRIM on non-Apple SSD drives). But MutliBe@st is one-file app and it has no kexts in folders to look for and copy.