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  1. valinor61

    OpenCore Discussion

    Thank you for reply but i need more permanent solution. Not spoofing vendor fixing most of the problems but this might be a issue for most opencore users. I hope at least in feature builds there will be a fix for that.
  2. valinor61

    OpenCore Discussion

    Hi is there a way to use seperate smbios in windows and mac I can't install properly asus aura or amoury create in windows with macbook smbios. If I disable smbios implementation osx having some issues. I just need to keep my device name untouched for windows but in opencore my device name in smbios becomes MacbookProXX,X.
  3. valinor61

    OpenCore Discussion

    Sorry, I think I wasn't so clear about my problem so after repeatedly tryied now I can explain my problem more clearly. I can use opencore with OSX without problem with disable variable write and legacy nvram. I can use windows directly booted from bios as normally. But if I boot windows from OpenCore my boot entries duplicates itself. On that time I cant access bios getting black screen. In my conclusion my when I boot windows from opencore my bios rewrites boot entries to nvram again and when I try to open bios duplicate entries makes a conflict so it becomes black screen. It's happening on clover as well. I need help. My Last Opencore Build: OC.zip Full BIOS Image GL553VD-F1.307.zip
  4. valinor61

    OpenCore Discussion

    Hi, I have weird issue since catalina. My bios suddenly becomes a black screen I cant enter my bios settigs. The problem is in both opencore and clover. In clover every boot was causing black screen. I succesfully managed to switch opencore and its nvram reset option fixed that black screen issue but after few reboots I'm getting black screen error again when error occurs my bios also removes opencore from boot selection part. Only way to access it again reflashing my nvram with a bios tool. I have never experianced that kind of issue before on mojave. Device: Asus FX553VD/GL553VD i-7700hq. Here is my opencore files. OpenCoreGL553VD.zip
  5. valinor61


    Hi, I have weird issue since final release of catalina. My Nvram works with osxaptio 1, 3, osxaptio2-wtf and aptioinput aswell but after catalina if I boot even once with these drivers, I cant access bios. When I try it hang out in black screen. If I use osxaptio2 all the time I can access bios but mlb and rom values becaming 0. Also if I get blackscreen once only way to revert that reflashing nvram with amibios tool. I have also tried OpenCore it has same issue as well. I ve tried QcQuirks as well it has same issue too. I have never experianced that kind of issue before on mojave. Device: Asus FX553VD i-7700hq. Edit: I modified QcQuirks also but only way to keep bios alive disabling mac's access to nvram in that way nvram becoming meaningless.
  6. valinor61

    VirtualSMC — SMC Emulator

    Problem solved after last commit
  7. valinor61

    VirtualSMC — SMC Emulator

    I have got that error over almost every boot with virtualsmc is I am on mojave 10.14.6 anyone can help: SYSLOG("vsmc", "postInterrupt reserve overflow"); edit: I can boot with v1.0.5 without any issue problem comes with 1.0.6
  8. I find a more comprehensive guide than this one also DSDT file in that guide is builded with an outdated bios so who ever has that device https://gitee.com/QiuChen_863/ASUS_FX53VD_10.13.1EFI use that clover after you boot open the terminal and type sudo kextcache -i / then reboot only thing that is not work after after adding 8.9.3 Patch 1 AppleALC and its layout id (You need to enter that id after you open your config.plist with Clover Configurator Devices / Properties /Properties value correct id is 0F000000 ) most of the fn buttons not working but internal microphone or anything else works fine also that guide has no dsdt in it so you can use it with any bios. goodluck
  9. valinor61

    VirtualSMC — SMC Emulator

    If you updated your bios you also should update your DSDT file because it changes on every bios that might be your issue