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  1. Considering jumping to Mojave. I have a 780 SFF with GT 710 1GB running Sierra. Should I upgrade to High Sierra before trying Mojave or do you think I could go straight to Mojave? Thanks!
  2. I'm at a loss. I've got a 780 but I can't even get clover to load. Using the newest installer r4558. I followed the instructions, installed clover to ESP and the boot0af option. I've tried two USB keys and neither work. Boot from USB is allowed in the BIOS and AHCI behavior is selected for SATA. My bios battery is low so first I see "press f1 to continue, press f2 to enter setup" so I press f1 and the cursor blinks until I get frustrated and leave. Any suggestions? Edit: Fixed this issue by using another author's *beastly* USB sierra creation option. Now I'm running Sierra on a Dell with no issues.Many thanks, @MacPeet!