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    Shutdown and booting problems

    Gee, dont everyone get up to help at once.... Anyway I posted this over at tonymacx86 and they where able to help me out. In case anyone searches this, evoreboot.kext solved my problem. Thanks
  2. FinalJenemba

    Shutdown and booting problems

    Nobody? My install is perfect other than this issue and its driving me crazy! lol
  3. Just made a fresh install of 10.6.5, installed from 10.6.3 disk and used tonymac dsdt. Running GA-P55a-UD3 rev 1. Basically if I hold the power button down and force the computer to turn off, it boots up fine. But if I click shut down or restart and let osx shut the pc down it freezes during bootup. Any ideas? Thanks!
  4. Hi all, I was hoping I could get some assistance picking out a sound card. I tried searching, but got no ware. Iv ran osx before, and know all my hardware is compatible, except my sound card. I have a creative x-fi xtrememusic, and a set of Logitech z-5500's running off the 5.1 analog outputs. With this setup I get full high definition audio when im watching blurays in windows. Obviously this sound card doesn't work in osx. What can I get that will provide me with the 5.1 analog outputs I need, the sound quality of the x-fi card, and work in os x? I dont need surround is os x, stereo is fine, I only need the 5.1 in windows for blu ray and gaming. I dont want to run separate sound cards for windows and os x, iv been down that road before and its a huge pita. I have nothing against an external sound card if thats whats needed. Any recommendations? Thanks!
  5. FinalJenemba

    som of my pictures

    Lookin Good!
  6. FinalJenemba

    Digital camera suggestion

    Go with a D40, and get an inexpensive stabilized lens, like the 18-55 vr.
  7. FinalJenemba

    nikon d40?

    The D40's are solid cameras, a little small, but good image quality.
  8. FinalJenemba

    Just a couple of my first snaps.

    Not bad, first one is a little over exposed.
  9. FinalJenemba

    Canon Rebel XTi

    Never been a big rebel fan myself, their just too small. Better to get an older professional used body then a new entry level one imho.