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  1. This is the output from the kext in terminal: Any help for you? enericCPUPowerManagement: [Error] AMD found! GenericCPUPowerManagement: [Error] Unable to find a matching or supported cpu id in table GenericCPUPowerManagement: Please provide the following info to make it into a later update GenericCPUPowerManagement: CPU Vendor: AMD [AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3200+] GenericCPUPowerManagement: CPU Signature: 30ff2 GenericCPUPowerManagement: Mobile: 0 Latency: 100 GenericCPUPowerManagement: State 0 [2a0c] State X [2c82] GenericCPUPowerManagement: -- ACPI CTL 0 E0202A0C GenericCPUPowerManagement: 00-05:FID 0C 06-10:VID 08 11-17:VST 05 18-19:MVS 0 20-26:PLL 02 27:EXT 0 28-29:RVO 2 30-31:IRT 3 GenericCPUPowerManagement: -- ACPI CTL X E0202C82 GenericCPUPowerManagement: 00-05:FID 02 06-10:VID 12 11-17:VST 05 18-19:MVS 0 20-26:PLL 02 27:EXT 0 28-29:RVO 2 30-31:IRT 3 GenericCPUPowerManagement: -- MSR_AMD_FIDVID_CTL MSR 0000070C 00002710 GenericCPUPowerManagement: 00-04:FID 0C 08-12:VID 00 GenericCPUPowerManagement: 16:FIDC 0 17:VIDC 0 20:FIDCHGRATIO 0 GenericCPUPowerManagement: 32-51:SGTC 02710 GenericCPUPowerManagement: -- MSR_AMD_FIDVID_STS MSR 060C0C0C 12060807 GenericCPUPowerManagement: 00-05:CFID 0C 08-13:SFID 00 16-21:MFID 0C GenericCPUPowerManagement: 32-37:CVID 07 40-45:SVID 00 48-53:MVID 08
  2. Radeon 3850/3870 thread

    "Appears to work," does that mean resolution is changeble? Or is it just 1024*768, thats gonna suck on my 1650*1050 20" Dell! I'm going to be cheap too, I think. Can always install a different cooler to exhaust out of the case, but if its already quiet... My case is pretty cool right now so i don't think it will be a problem I will try to overclock to (near) 3870 speeds, in reviews it seems there's a high chance it will clock much higher than default. I don't think the 3870 is worth the additional 40Euro's, compared to the 3850. Anyway, thanks for your replies! I really look forward to buy this card and play some games with it! But I want to be able to continue using OS X then as well! But the next 3 weeks I first got to study really hard
  3. Radeon 3850/3870 thread

    wow, that's great! I don't exactly know if I use programs that require QE, do I know I dont use Aperture or Final cut pro I hope it will work on tiger. Plympton, if you've tested it on tiger, please let me know the results! (But don't let it get in the way of your raining gaming time ) I will probably buy it in a couple weeks or so, so 10.5.2 is out a little time then. And hopefully everything is fixed. My main reason is ofcourse also to use it in xp, for games. Great to hear it is also useable on OSX without the BIOS hack!
  4. Zijn hier ook nederlanders?

    Aloha! Nog eentje die het nederlandse kamp komt versterken! Inmiddels draai ik al een tijdje tiger op mijn AMD systeempje, installatie ging vlekkeloos. Maar nu wil ik mijn videokaart upgraden naar een Radeon 3850, mooie prijs voor mooie prestaties! Het zal nog wel een paar weekjes duren, en hopelijk is er in die tijd goede ondersteuning gekomen. Veel plezier allemaal met OS X!
  5. Radeon 3850/3870 thread

    I am planning to buy a 3850 card, to upgrade my 6600TD(slow) Is it possible to make this card work in OS X, without the BIOS hack? Because I want to keep my dual boot for games Also, will this card work on my tiger 10.4.10? Or do I have to install/update tot Leo 10.5.1/2? Currently my tiger install works very smooth, I rather keep it that way. I have an A8N-SLI nforce4 Athlon 64 3200+ 2 gig RAM 200+80 gb SATA + 160gb PATA(OSX install disk) nvidia 6600TD thanks!