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  1. Some notes on the Opera browser. It connects to alot of stuff automatically: Even if these are innocent connections, I don't want the browser connecting to things that I don't know about. Connections without my knowledge annoy me. 2) Opera Crashes when I delete private data and it is not connected to the internet. That is, when my machine is connected to the net, Opera deletes private data fine (Tools > delete private data) When my machine is not connetted to the net, Opera barfs when I try to delete private data. Why should the software do this? 3) Cannot disable software updates. Even when I disable updates (Preferences > Security > advanced > disable udates tab) Opera still calls home. 4) I like the book mark search and the site by site preferences tab that lets me disable the java monster.
  2. Out of curiosity I decided to block my browser via the firewall setting in the OS X system preferences. I went to System Preferences > Firewall and chose Set access for specific apps ... Then I added Camino and set the firewall to deny it access. What I thought would happen: OS X would deny Camino access the the net. What did happen: Camino successfully accessed the net. The OS X firewall failed in blocking access to the app. Can anyone verify this? Is it just happening on my system. My system = stock apple laptop.
  3. Again issues of human rights abuse doesn't make it to CNN or any local news papers. I came across this by accident. It is a video of the abuse of indigenous local people in Nigeria. The abuser is Shell. And me, I suppose, since I have bought gas from Shell pumps before :\ This article, like one I read in 2007 displays how wealthy, powerful people, or corporations (that in many legal systems are considered individual people) fearlessly go wherever they want and do whatever they want and encounter no consequence to their behavior. The article in 2007 was about Chinese moneyman in Nigeria: "It is claimed that these Asian employers cage or keep their Nigerian workers under lock with a view to achieving maximum productivity since the break or leisure time of the workers would have forcefully been absorbed into their normal working hours by the restrictions imposed on their movements." Here is a link to the story: Chinese abuse in Nigeria
  4. thx4dat

    A Great British vacation? No thanks

    Is the person getting criticized because they wrote an article about a bad experience traveling? Or is it just that England is the subject of the bad experience? Buddha forbid anyone saying anything bad about England (How many individuals in this post slurred Parisians, what, slurring Parisians is OK but writing an article about a bad travel experience in England is not? Also, how did Parisians get into a topic about traveling in England? Maybe the author is absolutely correct and accurate the retelling of the holiday, maybe exaggerating. It doesn't matter, it is their retelling, and their might be truth in it. Who cares about the story. What should be concerning is more subtle. A few comments and questions why does the CPP obsessively control what people can access on the internet, but anti-Japanese sites/ pro Chinese sites are allowed? What are the Palestinians / Israelis , Serbian / Croatians, Brit / French, etc, etc, etc really begrudging? in this sentence "Plus I wouldn't have had to put up with the bloody french" replace french with "white devil" or any derogatory term one pleases, and ponder, what does the sentence read like? If that is the attitude of the majority of English sipping tea, in the comfort and privacy of their homes, I would rather go to the middle east. how similar are nationalist, fascists, and eugenic evolutionary racists in their mentalities. Who said that our technology has surpassed our humanity? What did they mean? It is good that one loves their home, some humans are made that way, some don't give to quid for their countries, and many people go to other countries, trash it, and make a ton of cash in the process. In this world were people with money take what they want, when they want, it is understandable for an itchy, subconscious nervousness when ones country is criticized. But one must realize what the real enemy is. Someone wrote that they had a bad time in England, that upset someone enough to write this post, (or maybe the author of the post is a British travel agent angry that business was slow and found a scapegoat ). Sorry offense was taken, but ... well ... the autonomy of Africa is threatened by wealthy interest in the US, and China simply for the natural resources. Does anyone care about the citizens of Africa? In Canada 52% of a very large oil company in Alberta is owned by the Chinese Government. 2 profitable ski hills in British Columbia (that I know of) are owned by wealthy Australian interests, not to mention a large diamond mind also controlled by Australians. What is the Canadian government doing to protect Canada's autonomy, and sovereignty; or is it all just sell to the highest bidder, no matter what the generations before fought and bled to make their country a better place. Maybe Sweden has some good government policies, not sure, but I don't know of a government that isn't selling their country down the river. On and on and on one could talk hypocrisies and injustices done by the Genghis Khan's that walk around untouchable. Many people through history dedicated their lives fighting against injustice and some people spend their lives making money off articles they wrote. It was said that the author of the article was unfair in the comments made about traveling in England, then several times in the thread Parisians were slurred. All the while we argue over these tidbits, huge fish in the world are getting fried and I wonder, who's bellies are getting filled tonight?
  5. thx4dat

    Read to all?

    Me too. I just noticed it today in my email, a link to a message in my isane account. I was all excited to get some mail ... hahaha almost clicked on the link and then I thought, wait a sec who is this? So I checked sight code and it was this a mlb_binding_key=63 ehchreef=hteeteed://nemf.ru/ the who is lookup is: domain: NEMF.RU type: CORPORATE nserver: ns1.nameself.com. nserver: ns2.nameself.com. state: REGISTERED, DELEGATED person: Private person phone: +7 916 3432551 e-mail: polevweb@geeemail registrar: REGTIME-REG-RIPN created: 2009.01.29 paid-till: 2010.01.29 source: TC-RIPN it was created in Jan. This guy is pretty fast. How do these spammers get into the forums? Why would they go through all the trouble? Are They making money somehow? Are they selling emails to marketers? Howcome nothing happens to them? How Do I complain about this? Or is it just one of symptoms of the net? or a symptom of the stupidity of the majority that they don't recognize? But they must be clever. Sociopaths too. I think it would require a bit of technical knowledge Automatically send emails to everyone? I don't know. Would like to have more knowledge so that I could be aware and protect myself better.
  6. I wrote a big diatribe on the plan to have the superbowl in london. Then I watched this video . It is called the Obama Deception. After watching it I was thoroughly shocked. It discussed how the President is just a puppet and the Anglo American (British-American) federal reserve banking system is the real oligarchy holding the strings. It scared me how easily I was lulled into the idea that having a president with more melatonin in his skin than a white guy would bring unity to humanity and aid in the healing of racial lies. But it never occurred to me than this was far from the real intent of the bankers that control politics. I didn't even realize the full power and control held by the fed reserve banking system. It never occurred to me that melatonin rich skin would be used only as a means to pacify a nation and lull it into a mob mentality state almost identical to the era of Moa, Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, etc. A political regime taking advantage of the fears, economic frailty, and insecurities of it's nations people. As I reflected on the policies being pushed by the bankers, the fearful image of a new Hitler being groomed kept slipping into my mind. As I watched the film the idea of a New World Order (I first heard this term in the Ministry song "New World Order"), a unified Europe-Britain-America-Canada-South America for the betterment of mankind morphed into nightmare. Not unity at all, but slavery. Not a concept of unifying humanity, but of unifying money and power under one regime, a regime who's purpose was to enslave humanity into a sea of poor hungry livestock. The superbowl in London? Could it be a joke? Could it be a calculated attempt of entertainment propaganda to unify the common people of Britain and America around a pub table? Making it easier for the NWO to further it's cause? Does it matter? Because after watching the video It seems that the banking moguls have another sport in mind. Is the video sensationalism? I know that there is insurmountable evidence that it is not sensationalism. That it is more a comment on what is really happening, than a sensationalist tirade . The frog in the water story. Put a frog in a pot of boiling water and it will jump out, put it in water and gradually increase the temperature and it will stay in the water unto it's death. I think at this point that there are a few that make allot of money on human suffering, racism, nationalistic bickering, and mob mentality so I erased my post because I didn't want to promote any flaming and also in I may have been wrong in my motivation. Shamefully wrong, though my intentions were good. Ya, The road to hell is paved with good intentions. That is not were I want humanity to end up.
  7. One guy, this genius math guy, names his hard drives after mexican food: Taco, Burrito, Salsa, etc. cool
  8. here is a link to a nice i7 thread :http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=149505 and here is a link with some info on the 4870 series graphics card. There is much info in that i7 thread it took me a week to read it Do you know if the 4870 would be open CL compatible? Also is the 4870 ATI or Radeon or are they all the same? I looked on newegg and they had a 4870 saphire, HIS, toxic, asus? Which is which?
  9. thx4dat

    My first Hackintosh for Video Editing

    I am not sure about software raid but if you head over to http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...9505&st=500 about halfway down the page you will see this No hardware RAID support. regards, MAJ As you can see this is hardware RAID support, I am not sure if that includes RAID controlled by the OS. Also this is for the core i7 cpu and the gigabyte x58 boards. I tend to trust Digital Dreamer and Wolfienuke. They aren't often arrogantly wrong and if they are they try to figure it out without ego, very cool. They don't only have cool names but they have invested a huge effort in the i7 camp and seem to have the info for that realm. Very clever people.
  10. Thank you for your reply. The reason I asked was that I was using a microsoft usb keyboard with my powerbook. Immediately after I installed the kext and the application I got kernel panics, freazes, and very weird behavior with my firewire drives. I uninstalled all the windows apps and the kext, OSX recognized my keyboard and all was well. Best regs
  11. @ DD and Wolfienuke Both yourself and wolfienuke have done an amazing amount of work. Thank you. question: DD, If I decide to use the ATI 4870 should I remove the included Nvidia kext from the folder that your script uses? Or will it be OK to leave it as it is. I don't know if the two kext would conflict. It is a question rooted in ignorance cause I don't know anything about extensions, specifically in these case, if they would conflict with each other. Thank you
  12. I am curious as to why you feel this way. Do you still hold this opinion since you posted this? I have been struggling with the decision between gigabyte and evga boards
  13. thx4dat

    OS X does NOT use TPM!

    maybe ApL pays people to lurk in this awesome forum taking notes from all the smart people, only to run back and tell their team leader at headquarters (in hopes of some bonus, or promotion, like maybe free jelly donuts in the cafeteria or some energy drink)what the evil OSx86 are doing ..... er ..... Seriously, the creators of the keystone components of doze and Apple, DOS and BSD, did they get anything? Even credit? I imagine this: a handfull of bright students working for fun, and maybe some school credit developing, naively smiling, then putting their work in the hand of their proud professor, who looks upon them with fatherly favor, while in his other hand he hands the intellectual material to the highest bidder, who then slaps a copyright on it and calls it theirs. Sorry I got carried away, I started out wanting to say that I don't know how a corp can claim ownership to something that they didn't make originally. And then not have some sort of co-operation with the community of users. Or, maybe I am wrong and there are cooperations on some level. I don't know I am not an insider. Or maybe "successful rich" people are just cleaver thieves that steal from the people who are to busy actually doing something to realize that they are being stollen from.
  14. thx4dat

    My first Hackintosh for Video Editing

    I have read some comments in the i7 thread that said fcp didn't work for them an the i7 platform. Can any one verify with some further information? Thank you Edit: oh and I read somewhere not to invest alot of money in a graphics card, that Apple development was investing many resources in OpenCL (http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=152891)? or something like that, with the new snow leapord and that it would more that likely be implemented (very soon) into fcp. Any thoughts? Edit number 2: I am very confused because many people are saying stay with the older core or xeons rather than the i7 but many benchmarks and reviews that I have looked at (http://www.pathikshah.com/blog/intel-core-i7-vs-intel-core-2-duo-the-difference/ http://www.madshrimps.be/vbulletin/f22/amd...all-3ghz-61229/ http://www.legionhardware.com/document.php?id=790&p=2 http://www.anandtech.com/cpuchipsets/intel...?i=3448&p=1 http://enthusiast.hardocp.com/article.html...W50aHVzaWFzdA== http://www.insidehw.com/Reviews/CPU/Gaming...uad/Page-2.html http://www.hardwarezone.com.au/reviews/vie...=2738&pg=7) It is my understanding that clock for clock i7 is faster than core 2 duo, that the only time the core2 duo competes is with extremely cpu intensive games and only if the i7 is chained down by limited graphics capability, up the graphics capability (sli GPU improvements) in the same test and the i7 then really slaughters the core 2 duo. Is this a religious thing? Emacs is better no Vim is better no Emacs is better spit > punch > scratch > money > politics > knife > gun > canon > semi auto > bomb > nukes > good no more bipeds; bad no more anything
  15. For everyone that is using the gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5 perhaps it would be a good idea to make certain that your BIOS is up to date. I read this fantastic article by Gary Key http://www.anandtech.com/mb/showdoc.aspx?i=3471. I think he must be some insider in mobo testing and development. I was shocked. The article puts a light on boards that are being pased to the huddled masses as mid to high end product but in reality wouldn't even earn the modest title of techno feces: It seems to me that even thought it is highly likely that they are pressured to produce and compete with the PC world, Apple, in my view has managed to produce beautiful, well engineered, high performing machines, regardless of the minor flaws these machines may have. So, could some of the issues in this thread be board design related? Could BIOS cause any havoc in some configurations?