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  1. ¡Eres un genio JOS3! Es de las pocas cosas que me quedaban por arreglar en mi hackintosh. Muchas gracias.
  2. And finally ... WORKS! But only with 2GB of memory (1 x 2GB). If I drop my 4GB-16GB doesn't work. @ audiodriverwriter Could it work with more memory? I need all memory. Thank you very much!.
  3. You're hard-working. I can't test with 1 GB but ... good luck!.
  4. The driver for 1010 doesn't work with iDeneb 1.3 10.5.5 ... seems strange. @audiodriverwriter You can make it work for that version? Especially for the 10.5.5 update. Thank you for your hard work!.
  5. I need 10.5.4+ for the software that I have ... but I will install 10.5.2 to test it. Thanks.
  6. Good news. In my system it doesn't works. I will re-install macosx.
  7. I tried attaching and detaching the rack module and no difference... system freezes. I tried to disconnect the AJA card (incompatibility?) and the system freezes. Thanks for you work!.
  8. Through the spanish postal service, no much. But only the card, if you want the external rack module too ... expensive I think. To test the system freezes and listen the S/PDIF output is sufficient.
  9. @arqui Please, tests the driver on your machine to see if you have the same problems as me. Thank you.
  10. If you want I can send you my 1010 card so you can finish the driver.
  11. I select the input through the system's audio panel. I don't know if it was important but I have iDeneb 10.5.5 an capture card for video-audio AJA Kona. Thanks for you repply.
  12. The M-Audio Delta 1010 card is recognized as Envy24 with all its channels but it doesn't work: -The volume is fixed, I can't change the volume. -When I select the input ... system freezes. -The programs of audio and video recognize the card but when I play audio or video with audio ... system freezes. I hope that solutions bugs. Anyway good job.
  13. The 1010 driver is coming!!!. @audiodriverwriter Thanks for your work.