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  1. Something is odd with Hebrew months when using NSCalendar - I type the following code: let hebrewCalendar = NSCalendar(calendarIdentifier: NSCalendarIdentifierHebrew) let birthOfJesusDateComponents = NSDateComponents() birthOfJesusDateComponents.year = 3755 //either 5 or 6 B.C. is possible year of His birth, I chose 6 birthOfJesusDateComponents.month = 7 //this is where the problem arises - 15 Tishri (7th month) is His most likely birthday, but as you'll see below it will print Adar birthOfJesusDateComponents.day = 15 birthOfJesusDateComponents.hour = 21 //just a guess - sometime at night birthOfJesusDateComponents.minute = 0 birthOfJesusDateComponents.second = 0 birthOfJesus = hebrewCalendar!.dateFromComponents(birthOfJesusDateComponents)! Then, later, I type: let hebrew = NSCalendar(calendarIdentifier: NSCalendarIdentifierHebrew) let formatter = NSDateFormatter() formatter.calendar = hebrew formatter.dateStyle = .FullStyle formatter.timeStyle = .MediumStyle println(formatter.stringFromDate(birthOfJesus)) And I get as an output: Friday, 15 Adar 3755 at 21:00:00 But here's the catch, Adar is NOT the 7th month of the Hebrew calendar, Tishri is. The Hebrew months have not changed since ancient times, so I know it should be Tishri, does anyone know what's going on here?