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  1. Dell Studio XPS 16 (radeon HD4670)

    do you get QE/CI, HDMI/DP and all the resolutions on 10.6?
  2. Dell Studio XPS 16 (radeon HD4670)

    doesnt the new imacs have the 4670? btw does any of you know whether the 3670 works?
  3. how much are you selling it for? just the cpu or the whole laptop? yeah you are right. i totally missed that. hmm. other than the ones i found through search, can you recommend any good posts for pin config?
  4. bcc9, i can confirm that hdmi works now. thanks man. anyways, do you know of a way to get audio/line out working? (internal speakers work!) voodoohda gives line out but, its distorted. hmm. i wish i knew more about this stuff to give you a hand, but sadly i dont. ive got a retail version of 10.5.6 installed (updated to 10.5.7)
  5. dude!, ur the man! thanks alot. gonna try this out tonight!
  6. temporary test post

    testing replies!??????
  7. i think ive found out why HDMI doesnt work...i dont know i might be wrong. i think the hdmi port is on the 9200 chip, coz thats what i noticed when i installed the laptopvideo2go drivers on vista. without the 9200m enabled i dont think hdmi will...any hints on this? thanks.
  8. temporary test post

    this is a test post. do not post anything on under this topic please. numbered list hello hello2 normal list abc abc2
  9. hmm i would try it, but everytime i try to install a distro, when i go in to diskutil, it screws up all my other partitions (ntfs partitions). any hints on that? on a different note, has anyone managed to get HDMI working? thanks.
  10. try the broadcom enabler script in in the hardware section
  11. if ur using ideneb 1.4 leave everything as it is, dont select any kernel or any chipset drivers. only thing i changed was to select the stock 10.5.6 ACPI under essentials, and ps2 for acpi 10.5.6. that should work for you. i tried and it is still messed up. distorted audio!
  12. i just tried HDMI - and that doesnt work either. it detects something, coz as soon as i plug in the cable, the screen fades and prepares for dual screens, u know like it usually does. but it never goes to the second monitor. this is a bummer! and one more thing, i discovered that chameleon 2.0 rc1 breaks voodoops2controller, coz it doesnt work with that bootloader. PC EFI v9 1.0.12 works fine, but the fsb is detected as 533 (any word on this?). ram speeds are detected properly. with cham.2.0rc1 the fsb is right, but ram speeds are 667. im using ideneb1.4 10.5.6 everything else mentioned on this guide by bcc9 works as he has explained. >> thanks! im afraid, i have to go back to windows...what a sad day.
  13. Dell Wireless 365/370/410 Bluetooth

    have u found a solution? or was it a dead-end? im expecting a dell laptop soon..so im looking around now
  14. have you tried voodoohda for the audio?