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  1. Clover General discussion

    Hi, many thanks for this! Just in case it puzzles anyone else: the command is ./genconfig, not ./getconfig
  2. Lenovo B570

    Someone mentioned on another page that 802.11n is not supported by this hack -- so one needs to configure the router to use 802.11g. This was my experience, too ...
  3. Lenovo B570

    Hello, I just wanted to pitch in that the kexts and dsdt posted on the first page of this topic also work for installing the new Mountain Lion. Instead of trying to get the installer to accept installation on an MBR partitioned disk, I partitioned in GUID, ran the installer, then created an image of the disk with carbon copy cloner, repartitioned as MBR and restored the image. The procedure I used is this: - Buy Mountain Lion from the AppStore while still running the Lion installation. - Download u n i - b e a s t and m u l t i - b e a s t from TonyMac - Download the dsdt and kexts from the first page of this topic - Use u n i - b e a s t to create a bootable 8GB USB-Stick with the Mountain Lion installer on it -- make sure to use the Laptop option. - Boot the B570 from this installer USB-Stick - Partition hard drive as GUID - Run the installer - Clone the installed system onto a second hard drive and change the partitioning to MBR - Restore the cloned image - Using the installer USB-Stick, boot into the new system - Runm u l t i - b e a s t to install the DSDT. The only options used where "Userbeast", System-defines as MacBookPro 8.1 and 64-bit kernel with Graphic enabler=no - Use Kext Wizard to install the kexts from the first page of this topic. Ethernet and sound are working, as is the mic. Haven't yet test extensively ....
  4. Lenovo B570

    Hello, many thanks for this great guide ! My initial install with iAtkos-L2 didn't seem very snappy in usage, so I tried again, using the Lion 10.7 installation app from the app store (having copied it onto a USB stick with "[url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url]"). After running the 10.7.2 updater, then added your kexts as instructed. Everything seems to work fine except wifi. My B570 does have the Atheros AR9285, and I installed your IO80211Family.kext I can see the SSID of my router in the network preferences and its indicator turns green activated, but it doesn't succeed to obtain DHCP addresses. And even when I put in all the IPs manually and add a DNS ip, no application can connect to the internet, even though the network preferences shows "green". (The router is a Netgear WNR3500L which works fine with the same B570 under Windows 7). The network works ok with ethernet (it's a bit slow to obtain the DHCP). Many thanks for any hints !
  5. Hello, and many thanks for this helpful guide. Of the links you provide at the beginning, the one for the "Support files" doesn't work: Mediafire keeps getting stuck at http://download761.mediafire.com/5yhepqeml...Files+v1.01.zip When I tried your instructions without them, I wound up without the boot.plist file to put in the extra folder, and Chameleon complained it couldn't find the Mach kernel. Could anyone post an example of a suitable boot.plist? Many thanks!