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  1. Best netbook for OSX?

    Found a guide for eeepc 700 install: http://uneasysilence.com/archive/2007/11/12654/ Not too sure how well the 900 would work though.
  2. Best netbook for OSX?

    How well would an eeepc 900 run OSX? I'm interested in installing OSX onto my eeepc 900, but I can't find much info.
  3. So can I install this over the partition where I currently have Tiger 10.4.11 installed? Also, will leopard run on my system properly? I'm not too sure where I can get leopard patches for stuff like the graphics card and audio (Realtek ALC882 btw) My system: Intel C2D E6700 Asus P5W DH Deluxe Asus EN8800GTS 320mb graphics card WD 320GB SATA (windows on this HD) WD 500GB SATA (Tiger partition and storage Partition on this HD) 2 x 1GB DDR800 Transcend Ram 2 x LG SATA DVD Drives
  4. Just a quick question. Is it possible to get the infrared remote included with the motherboard to play nice with 10.4.10, and should I update to 10.4.11? I've hear some horror stories about updating. My system spec once again: Intel C2D E6700 overclocked 2 x 1GB DDR800 Transcend Ram 500GB WD SATA HD 320GB WD SATA HD Asus EN8800GTS 320mb graphics card 2 LG SATA DVD drives P5W DH Deluxe mobo
  5. The netkas kext will fix up the system profiler. I'm not too sure about your other questions, as I'm new to this hackintosh thing as well. I was having a bit of trouble with video and music playback as well. What program are you using? I'm using iTunes for music, and DIVX player and Perian to handle most of my video files (avis, divx, flv, wmp). I don't think you necessarily need to patch programs to run. For example, I downloaded firefox and divx player, and they worked just fine. No patching done.
  6. You can fix the "about this mac" problem using the netkas built AppleSMBIOS.kext. Just search google for the file.
  7. Media player programs?

    I tried using VLC, but it doesn't play back FLV files properly. It plays the files way too quickly.
  8. Media player programs?

    What's a good all-in-one media player program for OSX Tiger? I play lots of AVIs, DIVXs, FLVs and WMP files. For some strange reason, WMP doesn't seem to work in Firefox properly when I use OSX...
  9. But where is it? EDIT: Found it. Everything works now. I'm currently downloading the 10.4.10 update pack as stated in a thread somewhere. Are there any problems running and installing 10.4.10 that I need to know about?
  10. Does anyone know where the fix for the system profiler is? I can't seem to find it in search.
  11. How did you get sound to work? I installed using the jas 10.4.8 ISO, then updated to 4.9 using the included combo updater. I'm having some problems with internet as well. Its fine most of the time, but it slows down a bit once in a while.
  12. I'm currently typing this in OSX (safari) now. I've updated to 10.4.9 using the jas combo patch, and the previous video problem is gone now. I used the experimental 8800 series patch, and now it works fine. However, I still can't get audio to work. I've downloaded the HDA patcher, but it doesn't seem to be working. The culprit was the jmicron SATA controller. What I did was plugged the 500GB HD where I have OSX into one of the ez-raid orange SATA ports, reinstalled and then it works. The system profiler doesn't seem accurate, but that's a small problems compared to getting audio to work. I also tried the method that was on the first post of this thread, but it didn't seem to work.
  13. Ok, I've got it to sort of work now. But, once I installed the Jas updates included in the file (10.4.9 combo update), I've been having some trouble with my graphics card. If I scroll down an internet page, say, or just browsing through a folder, the browser window just lags up. I've heard that there are some problems with the 8800 series cards, so could someone enlighten me on this? Also, I don't seem to get any sound. How can I fix this?
  14. I need some help from you guys, since I don't understand three quarters of the MAC jargon. I'm having that dreaded "waiting for root device" problem. and I have been unable to find a solution to it so far. The DVD install went fine, but I' just can't boot into Tiger at the moment. Its so annoying since I'm a newb at mac, so I don't really know where to start troubleshooting. I've been following this guide: http://www.anyizhu.com/mediawiki/index.php...tallationGuides My system: Intel C2D E6700 overclocked Asus P5W DH Deluxe (obviously. IDE set to compatible) Asus EN8800GTS 320mb graphics card 2 x 1GB DDR800 Transcend Ram WD 320GB SATA (Windows and Acronis installed on this HD. Hooked up to the normal black SATA ports) WD 500GB SATA (hooked up to jmicron. OSX volume on this HD) 2 LG SATA DVD drives (hooked up to black SATA ports) I've attached a screen shot as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I can't wait till this works. Screenshot: EDIT: I'm using the JAS 10.4.8 ISO, the one stated in the guide
  15. Need some expert help

    I am getting that "still waiting for root device" message. Here's a screenshot. Sorry about the brightness: