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  1. Dan1010011

    Intel vs AMD

    Thank you for the response and the links. I had suspected things were bad. My inner paranoia is completely pegged.
  2. Recently I ordered an intel based laptop, it hasn't shipped yet. In the course of my research for which laptop, what specs, and ease of OS X install ability, I came across a couple of disturbing articles. One from an alleged nsa whistleblower saying that intel based systems are comprised and another from a supposedly former intel engineer saying his job was to build back doors into the hardware. Is there any validity to either? Should intel systems be avoided as a matter of principle? Is AMD any better in this regard? Or have they simply not had any whistleblowers? The spectre and meltdown bugs are a concern as well, but seemed a bigger problem for intel than amd. Since the fix for intel will reportedly slow those systems down by as much as 30%. I'm just not sure.
  3. Dan1010011

    Hello, .....

    I don’t understand. What is worth trying? On another note, for project #1, I am going to get the hp omen x. I’ve looked at asus, msi, dell, alienware (still dell, I know), and hp. I like the specs / features of the hp most. Not the omen with the ati rx580 that I mentioned in my first post. Looking through the maintenance documentation for that one lists the iGPU, so it would have the graphics switching problem. The omen x looks like the iGPU is disabled. So the specs are going to be i7 7700hq, gtx 1070, 17.3 fhd 120hz display, 32gb 2800 ram, 1tb sata, 2 256gb nvme. Other than a few power management issues I’ve seen posts about it looks like it mostly works. Hard to know for sure though, because those posts haven’t had much follow up but I’m going to give it a whirl. Edit: went with the 4k display instead
  4. Dan1010011

    HP Omen 17 Macos

    I am interested to know as well. I’m considering getting an hp omen 17.
  5. Dan1010011

    Hello, .....

    That is an option. I really do like the coolmaster elite 130. It even has a provision for an external 5.25" drive so a blueray drive could be added. Currently I use my playstation3 for bluerays. Aside from that I really do like the option of discrete gfx. I wonder.... I saw Hain's post and think it's a very interesting build, though I was thinking a 200 series motherboard. Maybe the asrock z270 gaming-itx/ac. It looks compatible. Not to distract us from this conversation Giga, do you have any thoughts on project #1?
  6. Dan1010011

    Hello, .....

    Those brix look pretty cool and would simplify the build. I had been looking at mini itx cases like the cool master 130 and similar, and just piecing a system together. Amazon currently has the GB-BKi7HT2-7500 for $510. The brix are neat and I think I might go with that, if just to simplify. If I build it from case up, I will end up over building. Thanks!
  7. Dan1010011

    Hello, .....

    I have 2 hackintosh projects for this year and would appreciate any thoughts and suggestions from anyone. Project #2 is, I think easier, to build a compact home theater hackintosh. Currently I use an older Apple tv and just have it look to my imac through home sharing. There are no time constraints or deadlines for this project. Project #1 is buy a laptop and turn it into a dual boot system, win10 and macos. Windows will only be used for a bit of gaming, everything else i do on the mac. Web surfing, itunes, AV editing, and maybe I can get back into coding. Discrete graphics is a must I think, and it would be great if it works under macos. But because of the optimus graphics switching, does that rule out nvidia? I have not found anyone with a working 10xx series nvidia in a laptop under macos. Would it be better to go with one that has an amd graphics chipset? Hp has one of their omen laptops with an i7 7700hq and an amd radeon rx580, which is very similar to the imac system. Has anyone tried hackintoshing a similar system? This project is important to me first because of the challenge and second because i am scheduled to go to training twice this year and the last time i was sent i was bored off my butt. The first training this year is in march, so i would like to get this going soon, so as to get a stable system before i have to go. Any thoughts? Edit: Ok so with a bit more research and some luck it looks like there are people with nvidia 10xx series graphics chips working in laptops. Although there are some problems with high sierra, sierra seems ok maybe. Thank you! :^)
  8. Dan1010011

    Apple News - Spring Forward

    I am disappointed by the lack of update to the rest of the Macbook Pro line. I am looking for something in a laptop and would prefer one that is as capable as a desktop.