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    Shad0wWalk3r got a reaction from MaLd0n in Thinkpad x260 battery help?!   
    hello everyone managed to install el capitan on thinkpad x260 with :
    sound working
    trackpoint & buttons & trackpad working with 2 finger scroliing
    camera not working
    fn keys working only sound but brightness isn't available anyway
    also full qe/ci and cpu power management correct!(pike r . alpha you are a god ^__^ ) 
    where is the problem?
    battery!!i have the extended slice one no internal battery and i tried patching the dsdt using bat x220 and t460 both didn't work..i want brightness fixed as well and sound maybe to work without voodoohda ...
    but the most important thing right now is battery because i don't have windows on the machine anymore ?
    i dumped the ACPI files and attached below the DSDT.aml.if someone can patch it correctly for battery to work it will be greatly appreciated.i can offer a 10 euro pay safe if its going to speed things up ?or someone ?
    thanks a lot! so happy tracepoint and its buttons including scrolling work!! if just battery works...!!!
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    Shad0wWalk3r reacted to tluck in [GUIDE] Lenovo T460/T470 macOS with Clover and OpenCore   
    Lenovo T460 macOS with Clover Guide
    Latest Release on GitHub (July 2020) Updated to Clover r5120 Updated Lilu based kexts - Lilu, ALC, WEG Added AirportBrcmFixup.kext
      Various Tweaks over Last months The main branch in my github repo is a complete Clover ESP (/EFI) bundle and kext pack for the Lenovo T460. The current file bundle seems to work on Sierra, HighSierra, Mojave and Catalina. There is an OpenCore branch in the repo as an alternative to Clover. This guide was developed for a Clover implementation. But the thread has evolved to include discussion of both Clover and Opencore for these systems: T460 and T470 family of ThinkPads.
    Full Clover file set - config.plist etc. Includes all custom kexts Includes custom DSDT/SSDT scripts and patches Utility scripts The zip bundles are posted to GitHub: https://github.com/tluck/Lenovo-T460-Clover/releases
    Caveat: The T460 systems used here was configured with: i5-6300U, Intel HD Graphics 520, 1920x1080 touch screen. If you have a different system model, then extract the ACPI files and use the included scripts to create a set of files consistent with your system type and BIOS version. See below for details.
    Credits: RehabMan, Shmilee, vusun123, TimeWalker, Mieze from which, much of their work and help is/was was used to get the T460 to this point.
    Devices and aspects working:
    Ethernet -  Intel I219LM is enabled via IntelMausiEthernext.kext WiFi/BT - substitute the Intel WiFi/BT with a compatible Broadcom or Atheros chip Audio - ALC293 codec implemented via AppleALC.kext (the old AppleHDA_ALC293 and CodecCommander kexts are not needed) PS2 - ClickPad + TrackPoint + all 3 buttons - using a modified VoodooPS2Controller to support new layouts - and added some custom Fn key maps based on 440/450 dsdt USB - implemented via custom SSDT + USBInjectAll kext. All USB3/USB2 ports are intel-based and work -  3 external USB and internal Camera, BT, etc  Sleep/Wake - the sleepwatcher package and custom sleep/wake scripts are used to help with sleep/wake for BT and PS2 devices. Note: have not tried to implement the SD card reader - no driver found.
    ACPI Files
    New Installation - Steps and Details
    Part 1 - OS Installation
    Part 2- Post OS Installation and Setup
    Notes on Custom Kexts
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    Shad0wWalk3r got a reaction from Allan in Thinkpad x260 battery help?!   
    thanks for your fast response!below is my config.plist and the ACPI/Origin folder the only file i have in ACPI/patched is an SSDT created for my CPU with pike alpha's script.!shall i dump the ACPI files without it or it doesn't make a difference?
    thanks a lot again!!!hoping the battery thing is something easily fixable!!!
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    Shad0wWalk3r reacted to Hervé in ALC 3245 Help? Thinkpad x260   
    As I said, look for the device ids shown in Device Manager: right click on the Realtek audio device and select Properties to display the driver info where you'll find what you seek.
    Example on Dell Latitude E6440 (ALC3226 High Def Audio): 
    VEN is Vendor Id. For Realtek, it's 10EC (hex).
    DEV is Device Id. For a Realtek HDA controller, it's the ALC Codec (ALC292 in the above example).
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    Shad0wWalk3r reacted to vusun123 in Laptop with native wifi and/or bt module?   
    Gaming laptop from Dell or Asus is what you want here ( of course you have to research for those using BCM4352 )