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  1. Shad0wWalk3r

    [GUIDE] Lenovo T460 macOS with Clover

    @tluck THANKS A BUNCH FOR YOUR FILES!!!!!!!! used your DSDT.aml stored in your zip file just to give it a shot on my x260 coz i got no battery percentage and i just said ...well lets try it! and now my battery works!!!thanks so much!!!! although i use the dw1560 wifi card as you,wifi works fully but bluetooth doesn't....any suggestions?saw you had many files stored...i am just so happy with the battery fyi i use only OS X on the laptop so for the last week i had to just find out if it is charged or not...any chance fixing brightness etc ? thanks again
  2. Shad0wWalk3r

    Thinkpad x260 battery help?!

    thanks for your fast response!below is my config.plist and the ACPI/Origin folder the only file i have in ACPI/patched is an SSDT created for my CPU with pike alpha's script.!shall i dump the ACPI files without it or it doesn't make a difference? thanks a lot again!!!hoping the battery thing is something easily fixable!!! origin&config.zip
  3. Shad0wWalk3r

    X230 El Capitan

    have an x260 maybe someone can help me patching the dsdt for battery? thx
  4. Shad0wWalk3r

    x230 3320m SSDT DSDT

    i think rehab man has a patch for the battery on his repo! also you can achieve cpu power management using ssdtprgen
  5. Shad0wWalk3r

    Thinkpad x260 battery help?!

    hello everyone managed to install el capitan on thinkpad x260 with : sound working trackpoint & buttons & trackpad working with 2 finger scroliing camera not working fn keys working only sound but brightness isn't available anyway also full qe/ci and cpu power management correct!(pike r . alpha you are a god ^__^ ) where is the problem? battery!!i have the extended slice one no internal battery and i tried patching the dsdt using bat x220 and t460 both didn't work..i want brightness fixed as well and sound maybe to work without voodoohda ... but the most important thing right now is battery because i don't have windows on the machine anymore ? i dumped the ACPI files and attached below the DSDT.aml.if someone can patch it correctly for battery to work it will be greatly appreciated.i can offer a 10 euro pay safe if its going to speed things up ?or someone ? thanks a lot! so happy tracepoint and its buttons including scrolling work!! if just battery works...!!! cheers!!
  6. Shad0wWalk3r

    ALC 3245 Help? Thinkpad x260

    yes i will try his x220 patch....it supports T460 too so maybe i have a chance Thanks again herve!also i made the alc293 codec to work with the appropriate kext no need for voodoo! speakers,mic etc all recognized by osx...!
  7. Shad0wWalk3r

    ALC 3245 Help? Thinkpad x260

    ok thx had a few restarts and kernel panic during trying to make the installer correctly...but there it is finally the installer screen!currently waiting the BCM94352Z to arrive....make the swap and an 2mSATA -> 2.5'' bay ...anyway thanks for your help so far herve! any chance i can make battery work with DSDT ? currently used with clover the ACPIBatterymanager kext but still on system information through the installer i see 0 mA on battery capacity...thanks again!
  8. Shad0wWalk3r

    ALC 3245 Help? Thinkpad x260

    yes what i sent you was screen shot from the x260
  9. Shad0wWalk3r

    ALC 3245 Help? Thinkpad x260

    http://imgur.com/tjwyzRG That's the screenshot from the laptop...so i guess the 293 is the codec? thanks
  10. Shad0wWalk3r

    ALC 3245 Help? Thinkpad x260

    Thanks herve for your reply! I will check it through windows as you said but won't it show the same thing on lenovo s website?(Alc3245) sparkk above said that it may be alc269 modified...how can I tell? ( Will see through windows and post back)!
  11. Shad0wWalk3r

    ALC 3245 Help? Thinkpad x260

    Thanks a lot for your answer! I will check Mirone' s work as I have already checked toleda 's.. But even Google can't show which is this codec! So you are saying it is 269 but modified? Thanks again!
  12. Shad0wWalk3r

    ALC 3245 Help? Thinkpad x260

    Hello everyone.! Trying hackintosh the thinkpad x260 and preparing right now the EFI folder which ALC codec is the 3245? Does someone have the necessary patch for clover and/or the more common name? EG alc269 etc thanks!!!!
  13. thx fantomas....i will try probably tomorrow and post the results
  14. can i try using the web drivers of 10.11.6 with sierra?how should i use the above string you have written?
  15. Shad0wWalk3r

    GA Z97N-WIFI and OSx Install Issue

    i have same mobo with i3 4330 and trying to install yosemite....i just get a banner with clover at the loading bar...the apple disappears and a banner icon shows up....everything ok with chimera but no QE/CI....any help microwavepizza ? could you upload clover files ? or a chimera solution if possible...updated from 10.10 -> 10.10.5 and still no QE/CI ......3mb display and 1280x720 at a full hd monitor....driving me crazyyyyyy ........anyway thx