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  1. Mods, is this allowed or forbidden ?

    But then I'd need 2 binaries of the installer and then no need to torrent it !
  2. Mods, is this allowed or forbidden ?

    Except that all supposedly legitimate MAS installers have digests that when searched point to suspect looking chinese domains. Plus there MD5 and sha-1 which is reasonably easy to mess with (from what I read). I read it's not that hard to produce specific MD5 digests now. While I am no expert, that and the fact that the ONLY installers are found on weird chinese sites makes me apprehensive cuthead. That and APT25. I mean it's not so seemingly hard to produce two files with collision (2 same digests on purpose, or "hashes" as people call them.)
  3. Mods, is this allowed or forbidden ?

    I hear ya' on the torrents, pretty scary to torrent an OS nowadays with all the malware, not my thing. Apple should just leave the 2nd oldest up. at least a couple weeks darn them.
  4. I did read the rules and something isn't clear to me. I want to be a good member and stay within the rules, so mods please give me your opinion(s). Also, please don't ban me for asking like on ANOTHER site *cough* because I am happy to abide by the consensus here. Is it forbidden, or against some unwritten rule here to ask for the installer for a certain version of OS X, also if someone asks for one is it okay or not to share one ? I tend to think since they are free on the App store that it's not the same as say pirating software that's obviously not free. I ask because I don't have access to a certain version of OS X I want to try and it's not on the store any longer, nor do I know anyone that has it. Thanks for your input on this matter
  5. I got banned on tonyMacx86, what do I do?

    Just make another account and save the web pages and paste them over here...it's your IP anyhow. Let them {censored} and moan !
  6. Help needed please El Capitan install

    When i'd get that i'd boot off a different usb port...not sure how the flag affects the prohibited sign but try that. It sounds dumb but worked in my case.
  7. True, but that's only an upgrade installer. Too bad there isn't a full installer available now.
  8. I got banned on tonyMacx86, what do I do?

    I got banned for asking if we trade app store installers is it piracy, not then can someone give me One I needed because it's no longer in store. I asked no one to break the rules, my title was even, "Mods, please weigh in on this.." Had they just said they feel it is NOTHING else would've been said by me. Hypocritical because the Apple EULA states no running on non apple hardware, so they're technically pirating....gimme a break !
  9. I got banned on tonyMacx86, what do I do?

    I think it's not that bad, we should have a dedicated thread about stupid reasons people got banned - for fun.
  10. Hi all, As many of you probably are, I'm now upgrading to member after a ridiculous ban hammer. I simply asked the mods to weigh in as to whether asking somebody for a legitimate MAS installer was piracy. My argument is that it isn't really piracy, considering Apple freely gave El capitan away as an upgrade. Then I asked, if the mods are okay with it, can someone give me an installer for El capitan, as I have all the rest of them, but sierra wasan't working for me. Instead of just saying, that they feel it's piracy (I would be okay with their ruling), ban hammer. Asinine ! Lets start a "How did you get banned of TM or take a survey and see how many members have been banned for fun" poll Probably a lot of us !