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  1. I have a project that will be taking off very soon. I am in need of someone who can code a program, all of the details will be made available to those interested. Please pm me, Serious inquiries only please, I appreciate all responses! Thank You! Ken
  2. I have a MacBook Pro 17" for sale. Installed an extra 4 Gig of Memory.Comes with the NeoCase Carrying CaseWill be shipped in the original box, laptop was purchased a few months ago...PM me for Pics and general info. I will post specs on it tonight but I am sure you know what it all has in it.. 250 Gig HDNvidia 8600etc etc.. Price: $2200 SHIPPED Thanks for looking! P.S. Payment is negotiable, basically whatever is comfortable for the buyer. I am easy and not in a huge hurry to sell it really.. If anyone wants to call me and talk about the laptop, price, etc, let me know.. Also comes with the mouse you see in the pic too.. Forgot about that
  3. Someone make me an offer on these sticks. I will have pics up later tonight as I am at work with no camera. if a price is required I will say $30 per stick shipped via USPS.. I really have no idea how much they go for so someone make an offer. ***EDIT: Pic Added*** Thanks!
  4. Best Laptop for 10.5.2

    Thanks fellas I appreciate all info... I guess I should have searched a little better too..
  5. Hey fellas.. I have searched the forums but I couldnt seem to locate a any info about laptops that are currently working with Leo 10.5.2. I would really like WiFi to work as I am seeing some laptops having issues with that.. I am wanting to get a high end Dell or ?? to satisfy my cravings..
  6. iPhone programing

    Thanks for the links Stroke.. Hey I see you posted them with the iphone-dev community.. Has Fred been around lately?? Is he still with Z and the team? Fred and I go waaay back, if he is still there, I will head over and say hi.. Sorry for OT..
  7. I have tried installing the Kalyway update on my 10.5.1 Kalyway install and I cannot reboot afterwards.. I have.. Core 2 Deo P5W DH Deluxe GeForce 7300GT Is there anything I need to do to get this working?? Thanks for any help! K
  8. Asus p5w dh trouble

    dci693, I have the same board except the cpu is a core2 duo and I can reboot/ sleep/ restart..
  9. Injecting Drivers Into an Install DVD

    Awesome information, I appreciate the info! Is there any way to add a .pkg to a DVD so it is installed after you install Leo? Like have Xbench or whatever included? Does it apply the same way? Thanks!
  10. P5W D and Leopard install help

    I installed Kalyway with that board, selected only my vid card driver and audio driver NOTHING ELSE!
  11. Good post! If you dont mind, can I pm you at a later date to further clarify some things...?? I am trying to do some things with OSX Server.. I would appreciate any extra help you can give me..
  12. Good info, thanks! I noticed this last night..
  13. Booting installation DVD using PC EFI

    Good read, thanks everyone!
  14. The New Mac Pro

    Hey fellas.. Long time lurker first time poster.. :censored2: I have been looking at the new Mac Pro's and am wondering what it would take to build a Hackintosh similar to that. I did some research on NewEgg and found out that it could be an expensive project for sure.. WHat kind of hardware do you think we would have the easiest time with?? As far as motherboards, there are not alot to choose from for your dual CPU system with the Intel Xeon CPU.. What do you guys think is the best hardware to get as close to a dual xeon system with 8gb ram serial raid etc etc..