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  1. It didn't work for me...I must be doing something wrong! Thanks anyway.
  2. I just updated too and had the same issue. Thanks for the kext! Where should I restore the kext to? Which folder? Thanks, E.
  3. @Blue1980, I have the E6320 so you can try mine to see if it works. Everything works except the CST speedstep thing. Remember to upgrade to BIOS 3001. Good luck! E. E6320DSDT.zip
  4. Well I finally succeded! Restart/sleep/reboot/audio, all works. Intriguing though, because what I did was to copy only the CPU scope from my generated dsdt file and pasted it into the E6750 dsdt supplied by 314TeR. The only thing that gives an error in verbose mode is something ralated to CST. I don´t know what it is nor how to solve this. Anyway, if someone still has problems with compiling dsdt files, my process did work so you can try it out. Thanks, E.
  5. Hi, Yes, prior to install I upgraded BIOS to 3001. I reported wrong, sleep doesn´t work in either way! Maybe I should try copying the dsdt file I did with my Leopard installation and with BIOS 2206. I also have a dsdt from 3001. With the gray screen I changed the smbios kernel flag back to arch=x86_32 and booted and logged in ok. What kernel flags do you boot with? Thanks, E.
  6. Hi all! Thanks 314TeR for the efforts! Unluckily, when booting from the CD install, it gave an error: "EBIOS" something at address xxx. Finally I opted for a flat install from my Leopard installation to a separate harddisk following a guide at insanelymac.com. After the rebooting I installed the P5W install package and everything went OK. Still I have doubts with the DSDT thing. I have a Core2Duo E6320 and 4GB RAM, Gygabyte 7300GT. Which supplied dsdt profile should I use? I´m currently using your default for the E6750. What can go wrong if I use this one? So far the only thing that does not work is the Sleep mode triggered from the Apple Menu. Sleep mode from the energy saver setting works. On a side note, why if the Kernel Flag is in 64bit it gives me the transparent gray screen of death after loggin? Thanks! E.
  7. New iMac with i5 or i7 Quad Core

    The new iMac´s look impressive. The quad-core model is what I expected with this new lineup. Still, I was really hoping for a quad-core Mac Mini...Guess I'll have to wait for that.
  8. Hi! Success here! ComboUpdate: OK Kernel Update: OK After doing the kernel update I repaired permissions and rebooted. Then, when the GUI loaded, it changed to a weird screen resolution. I opened up the preferences and changed it back to 1024x768 and then back to 1440x900. Everything is fine now. Strange, though. Should I get the Leopard Graphics update? Is is safe? I have a Gigabyte Gforce 7300GT 256MB. On my Kaly 10.5.1 installation I chose NVinject. On the Profile is says: ROM Revision: NVinject 0.1.5. Any tips? Advice? Thanks, E. Mobo: Asus P5W DH Deluxe, C2D 1,87Ghz, 2Gb Ram, 250GB SATA, 200GB SATA, GUID + EFI.
  9. dual boot from seperate HDs

    Well yes...luckily my drives are a Samsung 200gb and a Western Digital 250gb. The thing is that I don´t boot xp that much. I have that partition for the "just in case" scenario. I plan to use Parallels or Vmware.
  10. dual boot from seperate HDs

    Well, I finally have a workaround. At least for my motherboard, ASUS P5W DH Deluxe, if you press F8 during bios boot you get a menu with all bootable devices. In there you select, for example, the windows boot drive to start windows. And that´s it. Simple. No bootloaders around. On the the next reboot, the default boot drive is Leopard. Maybe other motherboards have the same feature. Bye, E.
  11. dual boot from seperate HDs

    Hi, I tried tboot but when I select OS X LEO is says it can´t find a HFS partition. What am I doing wrong? I have one 200gb sata with XP on sata1 port and a 250gb sata with Leopard on sata3. Since that doesn´t work I switched the sata ports to boot directly to Leo. Any help? Thanks, E.
  12. SUCCESS!! Current OS X Version: 10.5.1 Install method: Kalyway - efi GUID- Vanilla Kernel Desktop Motherboard Manufacturer: ASUS Model: P5W DH Deluxe Version: Bios Version: 2206 Chipset:Intel 975x Audio: working 2 channels LAN: working WLan : not working CPU Model Number: Intel Core2Duo E6320 Recognised as: 1,87 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo Memory/DDR: 2GB Kingston Video Manufacturer: Gigabyte Model:Geforce 7300GT (turboforce edition) Bus Type: PCIX-16 Memory size: 256 Dual screen working? not tried QE/CI working? YES Resolution changeable? YES SATA/IDE working: Yes Wifi & patches? no other peripherals/pci addon cards? None misc hardware: none