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  1. Guess Leo's Final Build (Oct)

    Argh, got that wrong, sorry for the confusion. 8S something are the developer seeds for 10.4.11, 10.4.10 should be 8R218 for PPC and 8R2218 resp. 8R2322 for Intel. (got mislead by the wikipedia table)
  2. Guess Leo's Final Build (Oct)

    If they follow the convention, GM will be either 9AXXX or 9BXXX. Tiger Builds became four digits long, when they introduced Universal Builds. Public Beta was 1H39 (Wikipedia) 10.0 was 4K78 through 4Q12 (10.0.4) (Wikipedia) 10.1 was 5G64 through 5S60 (10.1.5) (Wikipedia) 10.2 was 6C115 through 6R73 (10.2.8) (Wikipedia) 10.3 was 7B85 through 7W98 (10.3.9) (Wikipedia) 10.4 started with 8A428, split off at 8G32 (PPC) and 8G1152 (Intel) with 10.4.4 and is now at 8R218 (PPC) and 8R2218/8R2322 (Intel) (10.4.10) (Wikipedia) 9RXXX could be 10.5.7 or something.
  3. Time Machine and Airport Disk

    Yes, it should work. (No, I can't say more)