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  1. yeah, the VGA port doesn't work at all, because no Mac's capable of running High Sierra have a VGA output, as far as I know. I'll be using both DisplayPort anyway, as I have just acquired another EliteDisplay E232 Thanks for confirming.
  2. Anyone tried using two monitors with the 800 G1? I currently have 1 x HP EliteDisplay E232 and I'm thinking of getting another one soon.. if it will work
  3. I really should have checked this thread more thoroughly before posting.. I found the comment about PAVP issue, installed Lilu and IntelGraphicsFixup and no more freezes! Now im wondering if its possible to use some other audio kext, instead of VoodooHDA? Perhaps AppleALC plugin for Lilu? Anyone tried?
  4. So im having issues with my HP EliteDesk 800 G1 USDT machine. I can make it crash by viewing certain websites in Safari.. it causes a hard lockup. Hi all, So I have built quite a few hackintoshes over the last decade, and have usually ended up with rock solid machines. Currently, I have 2 hackintoshes, my main one being a liquid cooled i7-4770, 32Gb RAM, 240Gb m.2 SSD, GTX 980, and a bunch of other SATA SSD's for photoshop caches, after effects etc.. this machine has been rock solid, and never skips a beat. Currently on macOS 10.13.2.. However, my other hackintosh is where I am having some issues. It's a HP EliteDesk 800 G1 - i5-4570T, 16Gb RAM, 256Gb EVO 850 SSD, with onboard Intel 4600 graphics. Now, for every day tasks, this machine has been very stable, and even handles my 'at home' photoshop/after effects/final cut pro x workload. The issue I have been facing though, is that certain websites seem to make the machine hard lock. This ONLY happens in Safari, and it seems to be triggered by some sites that have video players on them. Oddly, YouTube/Facebook etc do NOT cause the issue. An example URL that causes the hardware lockup is https://shareably.net/cat-takes-back-treats-ducks/ . If I view that URL in Safari on the HP EliteDesk, the machine hard locks within about 5 seconds. The same URL works perfectly fine on Chrome though. Also, its not just this one URL, but quite a few sites, and they all seem to use some sort of video player. Now, the HP EliteDesk 800 G1 is currently running macOS High Sierra 10.13.2. The only (non-standard) kexts I have loaded, are FakeSMC, IntelMausiEthernet and VoodooHDA. Please let me know what other information you might need to help me figure out why Safari crashes the machine.
  5. I followed this guide today, but found that the machine still wouldn't boot.. i had to manually select "KernelPM" patch when booting, even though it was in the config.plist (as copy/pasted from this thread). What I ended up doing was formatting the config.plist, and now it all works.. odd, I know, but hey, the machine is now working. Also, it should be mentioned that VGA output isn't supported at all by macOS so you must use the DisplayPort outputs to get to the desktop. Some users might not realise this. All in all, now that its working, its working really well.. this is a neat little replacement for a MacMini. I have a 256Gb Samsung SSD in mine, and its nice and zippy.
  6. I found it was VERY picky on the version of the flash util used.. i tried MANY versions before i found one that worked for dv2000 series at all.. I will did it up and attach shortly.. Attached now.. give that version a try.. phlash16.exe
  7. So this is old news, but, I only just found out about chameleon with BootPicture support.. Ive packaged it up, made a few 'themes' that i liked, and written instructions on how to use it. Previews of each theme are available in each themes directory. To use this, you must extract the contents of the zip file to the root ( / ) of your Leopard drive. NOTE: The included 'boot' file DOES NOT support loading from /Extras/ or an EFI partition. You have been warned! Please read the included README.txt on how to choose a 'theme'. These themes have been made and tested to work at 1024x768, although they MAY work at other resolutions. Download here: Bootloader plus themes
  8. wishie

    HP DV Series Whitelist BIOS hack

    I have a DV2839TX laptop (DV2000 series written on the screen bezel, and DV2700 series written on the bottom of the laptop). I tried to edit F.2D bios with the IDs of my new card, and bricked my laptop. The usual Crisis Recovery method didnt work, but i figured out hw to recover anyway.. check out http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?s=&...t&p=1035155 for details. Ive since noticed HP has a new F.2E BIOS for DV2000 series.. but i think it will be even harder to hack up.. ill take a look shortly, and see what i can find.. in F.2D the whitelist was in MOD_5100.ROM but i get the RLS error while decompressing the BIOS.. Lets hope F.2E (although i very much doubt it) works better.
  9. So i modded up a BIOS image, flashed it, and bricked my laptop. I was able to recover though,BUT my laptop didnt support the Win+B or FN+B trick for the Crisis Recovery Disk. So ill explain what i personally had to do: 1) prepare the Crisis Recovery Disk with the BIOS you want to flash back (original unedited BIOS). 2) Obtain a method to use the floppy on your laptop (I used a USB Floppy Disk Drive) 3) Remove the battery and AC power from the laptop 4) HOLD DOWN the power button on the laptop, insert the AC power cable (still holding the power button) 5) In a few seconds the Power light on the laptop should start blinking. 6) Release the power button 7) Plug in USB Floppy Disk Drive and insert Crisis Recovery Disk 8) Press the power button once. 9) The laptop should now start reading from the floppy disk, and beep VERY LOUDLY while it flashes the BIOS.. 10) After a while, the beeping will seem to stop.. DONT TOUCH ANYHING.. It will start beeping like mad again shortly. 11) Once the BIOS has finished flashing, the laptop will power off. 12) Unplug USB Floppy Disk Drive, and boot as normal, with your recovered BIOS Next steps are optional.. 13) Boot your OS 14) Fiddle with your BIOS whitelist again 15) Flash the BIOS with this new modded BIOS Image. 16) Goto Step 1. (Or hopefully, you wont have to.)
  10. Ok, got the BIOS extracted (using Phoenix BIOS Editor but with some errors. But, searching the extracted files (MOD_5100.ROM in particular) I stumbled across the list of whitelisted IDs. Right now, im not confident in editing the file, rebuilding the image, and flashing, since it extracted with errors in the first place.. But this is a step forward. I can atleast see what devices are whitelisted. When i manage to extract the BIOS without errors, ill edit, rebuild, and flash.
  11. I have a DV2839TX Special Edition, and also need to remove the whitelist, or add IDs for a new card to it.. The Phoenix BIOS Editor i used (2.100 i think, or something) didnt seem to extract my BIOS properly.. i was attempting to use F.2D (latest for my machine) BIOS.
  12. wishie

    HDAPatcher temporary links

    The ALC850 is found on AC97 cards, not HDA Intel ones.. HDAPatcher is for the HDA cards only, not AC97. Try a different driver.