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  1. [Notebook] Toshiba Satellite A200-24H

    You need to ask this in the OSx86 forum. This forum is for actual Mac users not HackMac users.
  2. The Duo Dock Returns

    I used to own a MacBook Duo. It was the first laptop I owned and second Mac. It was painfully slow, and could never get programs installed until I found out one of my professors at college had a dock cause he had the same laptop. Worked out very well until I got the chimes of death on the laptop.
  3. Office 2008 to ship January 15th

    Well I was trying to be creative and in hopes that if someone read it that had a brokenstones invite it might make them laugh enough to give me one.
  4. Office 2008 to ship January 15th

    I have both iWork '08 and Office 2004 and I haven't really messed with iWork '08 that much, but it seems really nice. Just used to Office as that is what I have always used. So I guess on the 15th I will be swimming in the bay unless someone invites me to throw some brokenstones.
  5. Well I am not a Mac expert but from the sounds of it for what you want to do the second one would be the best choice, but the iMac would work well for it too.
  6. Maybe t3mur works for Dell or gets a discount on Dell's I don't know the reason behind wanting a Dell. I don't know much about Dell or OSx86 or anything like that as I bought an iMac so that way I get the full Mac experience, but surely someone has better insight into this that will actually offer the best solution in the Dell product lineup. Sorry I don't have the answer for you t3mur I wish I did, but maybe someone will be able to help.
  7. Cell phones with wifi

    The BlackBerry Curve 8320 that T-Mobile USA sells is an excellent smart phone with MP3 capabilities, and most important had the Wi-Fi you wanted and is fairly reasonable in price.
  8. Still $15.00 at max apiece before tax isn't a bad deal. They could all order their own single user license copy of it. I know I am on payday. Never know when you may need it as my iMac came preloaded with Leopard, but they didn't give me a disk with it. Which makes me wonder how the Apple Authorized Dealer I got it from gets away with installing on several machines. Wonder if they grab a Leopard disk off the shelf and install or if they have the right to install on multiple machines without restrictions.
  9. It's been awhile......

    Well I never could get OSx86 to install on my laptop no matter what version I used. Tried the flat file, tried a patched DVD I tried it all. Oh well...now I get the Mac experience using a Mac.
  10. Inside Windows 7 -- what we know so far

    No I have had the laptop for awhile. Got it after Vista came out. I have been dying to get back into a Mac so I took a look at the local Mac Authorized Dealer's website and noticed that they had a great deal on a used iMac, but the one they had online was sold and the one I bought was cheaper and was speced out better. The only difference was the one on the website also had about a year and a half of the Apple Care Protection left on it, but had half the RAM as the one I bought, and alot smaller HD. So I bought it instead, and now my laptop just sits there not being used because I have loved the stability and speed of my iMac and Leopard. I still have some files on the laptop that I drag over using my network, but for the most part it's not being used. Gonna clean it out, and reinstall Vista and give it to the fiance I think. She needs a laptop.
  11. what made you switch to mac?

    Well my reasons for switching have nothing to do with Bill Gates as a person, but the crapware his company puts out. Windows sucks plain and simple. It's just horrible. Everytime you start installing programs on it it starts slowing down to almost a standstill. My iMac is used, and spec wise not half the computer my Windows laptop is, but my iMac runs circles around the laptop. Viruses, spyware, and all that {censored}...I have had enough of Windows and all the problems it brings. I have been back on a Mac for about 3 weeks now, and I couldn't be happier.
  12. Mac Office 2008

    I am not gonna say which is better I am just gonna say that I am more used to Word as opposed to Pages. I have both Office 2004 and iWork '08, and haven't really played with iWork that much. Gonna give it a go one day soon, but like I said I am more used to Office as that is what we use at work for spreadsheets and presentations, and things. So far both seem to have their pluses....don't know much about minuses.
  13. Inside Windows 7 -- what we know so far

    Other than the compatibility issues with Vista and some programs I kinda liked it at first, but then got to be about as bad as WindowsME was. Which was more or less one big bug. I bought a PC that had ME on it, and after about a week I ditched that and went with Windows2000 cause it was a million times more stable. I liked WindowsXP, but I went out and got a used iMac running Leopard, and now I don't even use my Windows Vista Ultimate laptop. It sits beside my computer desk on my chaise lounge and doesn't get moved unless there is a file I need off of it, and then I just use my network to pull it over to my iMac.
  14. Who is Waiting For UPHUCK iATKOS?

    I got mine for like $799.99 before tax. Mine is a 20" iMac with a 1.83GHz G5 with 2GB RAM 250GB HD with Leopard and iLife '08 preinstalled. Runs great and no problems what so ever so far. Loving it more and more everyday. It was a certified refurb from a local Mac Authorized Dealer. Then I went back and got the wireless keyboard (the real tiny one, and works great) and a wireless Mighty Mouse loving them both. Bluetooth and AirPort Extreme are great. No cat-5 cable wires running around my apartment, and don't havew to tie up USB ports with mouse and keyboard.
  15. Who is Waiting For UPHUCK iATKOS?

    You know I had tried and tried to get any version of OSX to install on my laptop to no avail so I just went out and bought a used iMac from a local Mac store. Computer isn't that old has a 1.83GHz G5 (Motorola) processor in it with 2GB RAM running Leopard flawlessly. Have never had a computer this stable in a long time.