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  1. Can't get P-states working

    Well, I think that I'll leave sound as it is. It's not like it will change a lot. The most important thing is, that I have sleep working. Also, could you tell me, what changes have you made to my DSDT? What pieces of code have you added or how did you patch it? Big thanks to you.
  2. Can't get P-states working

    I tried both DSDTs and audio doesn't work. During boot verbose says that it can't load something related to AppleHDA, didn't see exactly what. And no progress with P-states.
  3. Can't get P-states working

    For some reason, I can't upgrade to 10.12.4 now. Check out my other topic for more info. CLOVER.zip
  4. Can't get P-states working

    Tried it, same result. BTW, I removed VoodooHDA and now I don't have any sound (Yes, I did put AppleALC in the Clover kext folder)
  5. Can't get P-states working

    It is already selected in the plist that MaLd0n gave me.
  6. Can't get P-states working

    Still no change. Used the .plist that you gave me. AfterReboot.ioreg.zip
  7. Can't get P-states working

    I have done exactly as you have asked, but nothing has changed. The frequency always stays at 3.4 GHz.
  8. Hi, I've finally decided to play around with DSDT and SSDT. I've managed to create working DSDT and I have generated a SSDT with "ssdtPRGen.sh". Now my system goes to sleep without any problem, but it seems, that P-states (and maybe C-states) don't work. Because when I launch "Intel Power Gadget", my frequency always stays at 3.4 GHz (sometimes it drops to 3.14 Ghz, but I don't think it matters). When I launch Windows, I can see in Task Manager that my frequency goes up and down (down to 0.75-0.8 Ghz). In Clover, I have dropped OEM SSDT. Also kextstat doesn't show AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext running, but I don't have NullCPUPowerManagement.kext installed anywhere. In my DSDT I have done some patching, but I didn't do anything particular about Power Management. Since most of the guides online are really old, I'd like to ask you, what should I do? In the attachment I've included the DSDT, SSDT that I'm using, my IOReg and original ACPI table. AllStuff.zip
  9. Stuck at IOConsoleUsers

    Thanks to Hervé! In the end I was able to reinstall the system without losing my files, but only to 10.12.3. For some reason, I can't even start-up the installation of 10.12.4 on a freshly made USB or update through the App Store or the combo update. I always get stuck at "IOConsoleUsers".
  10. Stuck at IOConsoleUsers

    I have also Windows installed on the same drive. Would it be left untouched? Also, should I reinstall by loading from the USB drive with the installer or by loading from the Recovery partition? They both have "Install macOS Sierra" option.
  11. Hi. I've done quite a stupid thing. When I was updating to 12.4, after the system was rebooting, it was taking a long time to load. I was stuck at 3/4th of the loading bar. Since it was quite late, I decided to force turn it off. Now when I try to load, I get stuck at "IOConsoleUsers". I have already tried switching to Intel GPU, disabling serial ports and booting in safe mode. Is there any way I can get the system up and running without reinstalling it?
  12. R7 260X kext help

    Hi! I have R7 260X working properly with full QE/CI, but the performance isn't that great. It's enough to get the job done, but it could be better. To get it working I have inserted GPU's device id into two kexts. But what if I use fakeID of HD 7790, that is supported natively and is almost the same GPU. Would I get any performance boost or is the driver loaded in the same way for each GPU that in the same kext?
  13. I've installed Yosemite 10.5 just a week ago on a FX 6300, so I can tell you a few things that I did. I'm using Bronya's kernel v3 and I had no issues with it. After you install the OS, you HAVE to replace the kernel again in /Systems/Library/Kernels Do you have CPUNullPowerManagement and FakeSMC kexts in your bootloader, cause I had them? Edit: make sure that to have the "Kernels" folder with the capital "K" and "s" in the end and "kernel" kernel written all in lower case and without the "s". Cause I've made this mistake one time.
  14. Getting CPU id right

    Hi, I have Yosemite 10.10.5 installed on a FX 6300. In "About this Mac" tab it shows Unknown. I know that I can easily fix this by injecting CPU type in Clover, but I couldn't find anywhere the list of intel CPU id's. I think I'd need some 6 core Xeon id.