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    Need advice on new build GPU for dual boot (gaming)

    Yeah I would have had a penchant for Nvidia - and I know them far better than AMD - but I'm afraid to be stuck on HS for a long while, if not forever. I'm not obsessed with updating my OS but since I'm investing in hardware I'd like a bit more future proofing.
  2. Hi guys, I've been rocking the same build since 2012 pretty much flawlessly, but I find myself wanting to get back into casual PC gaming and get a hardware upgrade at the same time, since I have a GTX660ti and I can't upgrade to Mojave anyway. I've been reading as much as I could, but I'm having a hard time getting my head around a lot of what I've read. My issue is that a) I know next to nothing about AMD graphics and it all looks foreign to me and b) I want to get good gamins AND good productivity (as much as possible) and a lot of people separate the two topics. So, which GPU would you recommend to get as much productivity power on the Mac OS side, while still getting decent gaming performance on the Windows side? To be clear, we're talking casual gaming, but I still would like some good performance. Budget is not really an issue but you know... lower is better! Thanks!
  3. technosinner

    USB 3 speed issues - Asus GA-Z77x-up5-TH

    Hey thanks for the reply. I've been contemplating going to Clover, but a) I'm a bit put off by the work it seems to require and aside from this USB thing, pretty much everything I need works and I'm afraid I might break something worse than what I am now. But I'll look into XhciDxe. What's the best way to convert from Chamelon/Chimera to Clover if I may ask? thx again
  4. First off, I apologize if I'm not in the right forum section. So my Hack is working pretty much perfectly, aside from a few kinks. One of these is really starting to bother me: USB 3 speeds. My actual ports DO work and I can plug in drives and peripherals, but they write at USB 2 speeds (although read speeds seem just about at USB 3 strangely enough). I'm using an Asus GA-Z77x-UP5-TH with Mavericks, Intel 3770k and nothing else too fancy, on Chameleon. I installed the generic USB 3 controller, deleted AppleHPET.kext (which fixed the front port not working at ALL) and all my XHCI settings are, from what I read, correct (XHCI=Auto, Pre-boot=Enabled, Handoff=Enabled). Does anyone have any idea what's going on? This is really driving me nutters... and I'm starting to obsess over it something mad! Thanks!
  5. technosinner

    Success with Gateway M280 Tablet PC

    The 280e has a FinePoint digitalizer, not Wacom. I have one laying around and I never thought I could Hackintosh it. I'll try and keep posted (since the OP is from 4 years ago )
  6. technosinner

    Kalway 10.5.1 on toshiba satellite u300-13u

    I have a u300 as well and although it went through the install, When I get to Darwin I can't boot OSX...? I installed with iAKTOS v.2.0
  7. technosinner

    Can't get an HFS+ partition

    Got it! still doesn't work, but it's not the same issue! ts