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    4 unsupported graphic cards
  2. Parabéns, muito bom, poderia tirar algumas dúvidas como se tornar um moderador, supervisor, news team ou até mesmo um coder no forum Obrigado!
  3. Patch on Clover and DSDT (google) or use this AMD Radeon GPU Injector tool 1.3 http://www.osx86.net/files/file/4541-amd-radeon-gpu-injector-tool/
  4. #McFly

    AMD FX Kernel for 10.11.4?

    WORK 10.11.5 HERE http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/310796-amd-os-x-el-capitan-1011-fx-kernel-task-force/page-21?do=findComment&comment=2227596
  5. #McFly

    Kernel for 10.11.5

  6. #McFly

    El Capitan HD

    I read the post, just do not get it right. I always read very carefully, but I can not always understand everything. I must train more my English. but anyway, thank you for another tool to make things easier.
  7. #McFly

    El Capitan HD

    Hi cris1111, crashed here
  8. hello guys After you upgrade to 10.10.4 or 10.10.5, the system restarts at the beginning of the boot with Clover. I updated the prelinked-kernel and the kernel cache and nothing. I can only booting, changing the prelinked-kernel and the kernelcache created from 10.10.3, but of course the system updates the caches and the same error occurs in the next boot. I can't upgrade to -prelinked-kernel and correct kernelcache. The wrong way I could do to use the system, change the prelink kernel was created from the 10.10.3 and block it, so the system does not recreate another. I use the Clover and the kernel Tora Chi Yo 8N + pthread.kext I'm trying from update and clean install, and the results are the same. PS. I have the same problem with Intel processor and original kernel. have patience for my english
  9. #McFly

    Help with BCM94360CD Bluetooth

    Hi Guys, I need some help. I have a Broadcom BCM94360CD (AX) Apple with adapter PCI-EX my device id is 43A0 and in the system appear 0x111, have a problem? Bluetooth connects to the notebook Windows but does not send and receive files. And do not appear information of router connection, below have two images, the my with no information and other with information. Why this? need Built-in on DPCIManager? it's not! i'm so sorry for my bad english.
  10. May be complex, but I'm used, in fact after much sweat in learning how to edit my DSDT, hardly use many options of Clover at most a patch here, an adjustment there and good.
  11. #McFly

    RealtekR1000 v3

    Hello Slice, Only a curiosity, This is a mistake? Any problem? Note. I'm learning to program in XCode, I am Web developer, Windows and mobile devices. Maybe one day I can contribute to the forum <-- --> I compiled and am using the kext, much better than the previous Thank You Slice!
  12. for me clover is the best more flexible
  13. Hello gils83, Why replace usb kext? original usb is working
  14. Hi guys Thank you very much for the help! Rollback to 10.10.3 with clean install, I need to work, I don't have more time for this I need to work I have much work now. i'll try to install when I have more time, I'll try 10.10.5. I saw that Gils83 managed to install on a phenom II. Sorry spakk, but I could not find the error in the log and the reboots were very fast to take a photo. I tried with the rc7 kernel of Bronya and the 8N kernel of Tora Chi Yo. More one time, thanks!
  15. Outside the kexts IOPCI, AppleACPI and pthread, has another new kext to put in S / L / E? -v and NPCI = 0x2000 (always) I've tried -x or -f nothing yet the worst is that I need the system to work for work and my iMac is dismantled and is too slow to work, do not know what else to do, I've tried everything. i don't know english right, sorry i go try infinitely, one hour i reach