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  1. The driver may work fine, but NVIDIA's installer doesn't work for 15g18013. Does anyone know of a fix or manual installation procedure? I updated from 10.11.3 to 10.11.6, updated the web drivers, and everything still worked fine *until* the security update (which brought me to 15G18013). Now I can only boot the OSX driver (i.e. nv_disable=1). I've tried patching the info.plist via Xcode with the later build number, but that didn't work, either. Thanks! Update: I extracted the new bundles and kexts with Pacifist, loaded with Kext Wizard, rebuilt cache, replaced the info.plist file with the one above, and then with one modified for 15G18013 but still not working 100%. At least now, with nv_disable, f10 is showing up and the performance is okay-ish. Enough to keep tinkering... but will probably just clean install Sierra after all!