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  1. [GUIDE] A fast and easy way to install Lion

    "This method was created (and tested) for the Gigabyte GA-P35-DS4 motherboard" as the opening sentence states, and I might add is a flawless guide for that particular motherboard. A simple Google search will yield a wealth of information on installing OSX10.7.x on your specific computer.
  2. Hackintosh Lion Server

    I had an old Hackintosh laying around that I haven't run OSX in since I got bored with Leo. Did a little research and found it is quite compatible with Lion. Total time from Zero to OSX 10.7.2 Server: 40 minutes. Everything works too and I'm pretty happy about that! I've put together many Hackintoshs and this was by far the easiest load. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=259068 Gigabyte GA-EP35C-DS3R Mobo (2) 4GB DDR3 1333 RAM GeForce 8400 GS 512MB Video Corsair 128GB SSD Butt-load of high capacity storage drives
  3. [GUIDE] A fast and easy way to install Lion

    By far the easiest Hackintosh load I have ever done!! From Zero to 10.7.2 Server in 40 minutes INCLUDING configuring the USB stick updating from 10.7 to 10.7.2 and loading Server. Gigabyte GA-EP35C-DS3R Mobo (2) 4GB DDR3 1333 RAM GeForce 8400 GS 512MB Video Corsair 128GB SSD Butt-load of high capacity storage drives
  4. Works with GA-P35C-DS3R except I needed BlackOSX's boot disk to boot for some reason, perhaps bios differences. My sound doesn't work but I don't have speakers hooked up although I'm sure I could inject the proper kext if I wasn't so lazy!
  5. Microsoft does it again with Windows 7

    My machine w/ 7 runs just peachy. All this talk of 8 years blah, blah, blah.. I'm thinking that it all must be GWB's fault!
  6. PCWIZ, I have the GA-P35-DS3R board and on an earlier install (Brazilmac 10.5 & upgrade to 10.51) I had a matched set of 500Gb SATA drives plugged into the purple ports and had it setup as a RAID0 through OSX although it was NOT my boot drive. It worked fine as I recall but I later ditched that install and hardware config for the one in this thread. On a side note, the 500G drives are now happily striped in a 3.2G AMD WinXP64 build [screamer ]. I have not recently plugged anything into the purple ports but if memory serves me, they have there own bios settings. I'm not sure about using them as a primary drive and I remember that I was definitely not able to use them as the boot drive in a hardware RAID0 configuration with OSX.
  7. Great! I was wondering about the SATA converters, I have 2 of them laying around. I'll give that a shot this weekend since I have a light workload and can afford to take the Hackintosh down for a while. Thanks for the info!
  8. Thanks for the quick reply... That would be after applying these kexts? I have been running AHCI mode, my only problem is the 3GB barrier...
  9. lol! Like that noise that your car makes, but when you take it in to service it stops! Everything else works so good on my Hackintosh that I am hesitant to change anything. I have 2.2TB of HD and all drives are recognized. The only problem is the KP under heavy load with over 3 GB of ram. Even with 3GB of ram, the Hack box blows my iMac away in performance. Sleep, shutdown, restart, time machine... it all works perfect. I have a GA-P35C-DS3R mobo and I am using an IDE DVD and I have a 400GB IDE HD in there for time machine. WIll I have to replace the IDE drives with these kexts?
  10. external HDs

    I have found that a cheap "file server" using gigabit lan satisfies my needs. Although I am only working with SD video (8mbps mpeg2) I do move video clips up to 4+Gb quite often. The 1000mbps network moves files over 2x faster than an external USB2 and Firewire 400. I have a mixed platform network with WinXp, Linux, and OSX so setting up a shared network drive works real well for me. The eSata is also an alternative and if I had to transfer something really big, I would consider that since I have eSata (II) in everything but my iMac.
  11. FCP 6 crashes while rendering

    I was having Kernel Panics and/or program crashes during the following processes: iDVD 08, while saving as disk image. The error would occur near the end of the "multiplexing" stage QT, while exporting Movie to ipod video I don't remember if FCP was crashing as well since I don't use it all that much. My Hackintosh had 4Gb of 800mhz ram and I read somewhere to pull out 1Gb of ram to solve the problem. I did and all issues were resolved when running 3Gb. I have since bumped up to 8Gb (2Gb x 4) and am back to crashing with QT export and iDVD. My next trick will be to replace one of the 2Gb sticks with a 1Gb, leaving 7Gb. If that doesn't fix it then maybe I'll drop back down to 3Gb. Frankly, for what I am doing, I didn't notice much of a performance difference running 8Bg, especially if it takes a {censored} with more ram installed.
  12. I have the Panasonic SDR-H40 and regularly "back up" the HDD via USB using Disk Utility and making a DMG image of the camcorder HDD. It is a relatively quick process and may be a workaround burning the DVD since you can later mount the DMG. Unfortunately, I am not able to import my clips directly since I need the TIME/DATE stamp on all of my video. I have to import the analog video "old school" through a capture appliance. Now, if someone can direct me to an app or plugin that can read the metadata time/date from the file and imbed the time/date into the video or subtitle it, I am all ears!
  13. Great step-by-step guide! Flawless install on a P35C-DS3R mobo, Intel 6750 processor, EVGA GeForce 7300 GS video For my next trick, I'm cloning the HD and placing it in a similar build. Thank you for an (almost) idiot-proof guide!