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  1. Mojave 10.14.6 installation crashes and reboots when it's close to the end. I'll be crazy. has anyone helps me? this my new EFI. EFI.zip
  2. @Cyberdevs I've resolved this problem. ATI HD7850 graphics card only mini DP ports can working fine. When I installed the macOS by vanilla USB Driver, I got a new problem with the clover boot loader. When I boot macOS from the EFI partition. the boot hangs at here. so how to fix it. same EFI configuration.
  3. My computer's cpu is AMD FX 8350,and graphics card is ati hd7850. when i boot installation,the graphics card' DIV port no signal, and HDMI port dislay a gray screen. so how to fix it ? here is my EFI configurations. EFI.zip
  4. linvers

    High Sierra MACH Reboot

    hi guys, I got same problem. i tried to drop tables,and changes the smbios,and changes the system parameter. but all is not working. my cpu is celeron g3930. motherboard is biostar hm110 pro with 8g ddr3. can anyone helps me?
  5. hi guys,i download the kernels of this topic. And I make a flash driver installer. then install chameleon to flash driver. and copy the kernels to /S/L/Kernels/ (the name like this(amd1 amd2 amdfx .....)) i try it ,most of kernel appears this. if i remove the kext ,the name of IOUSBHostFamily.kext ,it can be the installer. but the usb mouse doesn't working. keyboard is working. sorry,i'm a Chinese guy,English is not my mother language. can anyone helps me?