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  1. I installed the Voodoo SD drivers, copied the kexts for the GMA X3100 to /System/Library/Extensions, ran Disk Utility's Repair Permissions and then rebooted, but nothing has changed. What am I doing wrong?
  2. I know that the GMA X3100's drivers will only work on 32bit Lion, but that doesn't answer my question. Also, that PCMCIASDCardReader link isn't working.
  3. Hi and thanks for your reply. Where can I get the drivers for my laptop? Specifically the one for the GMA X3100 and SD cards, I can do without bluetooth and ethernet, but SD cards and tear-free video are a must for me.
  4. I just successfully installed 10.7.2 on my trusty old Lenovo N500, but I can't get OS X to play nice with the laptop's components. After an hour of fiddling with kexts, I got the keyboard and trackpad working mostly, but things like sound, microphone, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and proper trackpad support are still not working. I used iATKOS L2 from this site (http://www.uphuck.org/viewtopic.php?f=73&t=18827) after burning it to a DVD. The hardware specs of my laptop are, as far as I can tell, as follows: a 2.16 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo CPU (as seen in the photo) 2 GB of slow-ass RAM (also in the photo) Some Broadcom Bluetooth thingy. System Information.app displays a bunch of info but I still can't toggle BT in the system. An SD card reader in the front that OS X doesn't recognize An Intel GMA X3100 graphics chip that OS X apparently doesn't utilize, I get horrible screen tearing here An ethernet port, even though OS X denies that this laptop has any ethernet cards installed (I might be wrong, but the ethernet port is still there) The Wi-Fi thingy in the laptop is an "Intel WiFi Link 5100". If there's no way of getting this to work, I also have a Broadcom Wi-Fi USB dongle I could use. I still have the iATKOS L2 DVD here, is there anything I missed during the installation? And what do I need to do after the installation to make all the aforementioned things work?