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  1. ReLaXXeR

    DSDT P8Z68-V Pro

    @MaLd0n can you also patch the file for me? I am also using the P8Z68-V Pro with a 2600K. Thank you very very much in advance. Another point: How can I get work the internal audio device with this board? Thank you also for infos for this. Bye ReLaXXeR send_me.zip
  2. ReLaXXeR

    DSDT Auto-Patcher

    Hi, where can i find a dsdt file for my new asus board p8z68 v pro? I am using LION GM.... Thank you for some infos. cheers, relaxxer
  3. ReLaXXeR

    The NSPanel Thread

    do someone have an hud for about this mac under snow? the old one i am using for leo does not work anymore. thx a lot. relaxer
  4. same here, the boot disk is working and i am getting into the chameleon screen but after changing the boot disk with the retail disk i have no chance to boot from it! How knows how to boot the retail after changing the disks? thanks a lot cheers relaxer
  5. Hi, i will give you tomorrow eving more feedback because then i will try to install snow on my maximus formula. For your Info, please delete the dsmos.kext what i posted in the second post because netkas replaced it with the better working fakeSMC.kext. Use this in the /e/e folder, also use only Chameleon RC2. The fakeSMC works perfectly with the maximus formula board on leopard. I don not use the UUID kext, i fixed it by using an efi string added to my grafic string. Are you using a retail snow install disk? Did you create a boot132 disk for booting from the this retail disk? Or are you going to install directly from leopard ? I will keep you up to date. I think I will work without having many problems, I am an optimistic ;-) good night, cheers, ReLaXXeR
  6. ReLaXXeR

    OSX 10.5.8 is now in software update

    worked like a charm on my retail install with only 5 kexts in extra and chameleon....;-) cheers relaxxer
  7. does chameleon RC2 pkg works out of box with my extra folder where my extention.mkext is inside? do i have to remove any kext from it before using chameleon RC2. When yes of course i will pack a new extensions.mkext. thx you ReLaXXeR P.S.: I love this forum ;-)
  8. ReLaXXeR

    Retail DVD Boot Problem

    sind deine festplatten im AHCI modus? Den Controller also im Bios von Standart IDE auf AHCI stellen. Wenn du ne Retail Disk benutzt, is dir aber klar, dass du ein Bootstick mit entsprechendem EFI und Linux und Kexts brauchst, oder? Ansonsten eine IPC, Kalyway oder irgendeine nehmen. Ich finde die Retail methode die beste, da die anderen Dist. immer so viel scheiss an kexts drauf haben. viel erfolg. p.s.: im forum gibts nen how to wegen dem bootstick...
  9. ReLaXXeR

    My plists for boot-132 method :)

    hey riley, thx for your info. i noticed that the LegacyIOAHCIBlockStorage.kext also won't boot because i am getting always orange icons. How can i solve this? when i will boot with -f i will work and i get the internal symbols for the hard drives. Is there a solution WITHOUT booting with -f, maybe there is an issue in the info.plist of the LegacyIOAHCIBlockStorage.kext ??!!! Thx again for an answer, bye relaxxer
  10. ReLaXXeR

    My plists for boot-132 method :)

    sorry riley i do not updated my signature yet, but i'm using the new patched applehda.kext from taragula. i'm not sure but this applehda.kext came from a taragula installer with rev4. I found it here in the forum and it works perfect with the ad1988b... I tired to add the string with `root`inside but it will not work in /e/e In the other way the applehda.kext is the only kext in /s/l/e on my mac, so the rest is fully vanilla. The others are in /e/e and works great. okay i hope there will be a solution for the applehda.kext! c ya relaxer
  11. ReLaXXeR

    My plists for boot-132 method :)

    riley..... works perfekt! no boot any more with -f! so it is really simple. the only mod is the legacyappleyukon2 inside with info.plist and ID and it loads the network! The original ionetworkinfamily.kext is untouched in /s/l/e What about the appledha? is it possible that this kext will work in /extra/extension, in order to leave the original applehda in /s/l/e ??? i tried it and put my modified applehda into /e/e, but it will not load! only in /s/l/e .... I can't understand why... Solutions yet? Riley, thx for your support cyclonefr Great topic, thank you relaxxer
  12. ReLaXXeR

    My plists for boot-132 method :)

    okay riley thx for your answer, but i still do not understand the think with the legacyyukon2.kext! there is an info.plist inside, okay, great! i put your yukon2.kext in the extra/extension folder and my network works perfekt with my id from marvell, BUT only with -f on booting! important now seems to be the ionetworkingfamily file. but i don't know how to make it working in the extra / extension folder! Can you upload a ionetworkingfamily.kext with your yukon2.kext inside (which includes only the info.plist) which will work in the extra/extension folder without using -f on startup???!!! of course with leaving the original ionetworkingfamily.kext on /s/l/e..... thx for your help and i hope you understand what i am looking for! bye relaxer
  13. ReLaXXeR

    My plists for boot-132 method :)

    great topic.... i tried the legacyappleyukon2.kext from riley....which only works with -f, how can i solve this issue. in the top is written: Another thing I noticed is network drivers that have dependencies with IONetworkingFamily.kext will only load if you place IONetworkinFamily within the boot132 extra kexts or if you boot in -f. what should i do with the ionetworkingfamily file? where do i have to put in? in /extra/extension? would be fine for some help thx relaxer
  14. AD1988B works like a charm, great great great! 6ch and i am so happy that coax is working now.... who can tell how to modify the applehda.kext that it will loaded in the extra folder? i only can get it work in /s/l/e but i want that file /e/e thanks a lot