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  1. I have a Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG card in my D620. Is there a 10.6.5 driver for this? If not I would like to get a replacement card that is know to work. There are a lot of mini pci-express cards on Ebay. Is there a specific one to look for? I presume it should have a Broadcom chip. Is there an 11N card that would work?
  2. What is the Dell part number of the internal D620 wifi card that is known to work with 10.6.4? I know its a broadcom card, but want to be sure I get the right one. There seem to be a lot on ebay. Has anyone tried running Virtualbox on 10.6.4 / D620? I'm talking about OSX as the host OS. When I tried it, Virtualbox seemed to install ok, but when I tried to add a Win7 VM it aborts.
  3. I would really like to avoid another fresh install, since I have a working system. I just need the two kexts. Can I pull them off either the 10.6 retail disk or one of the downloads?
  4. I've gotten to 10.6.4 on D620 with Intel graphics by a different route. All seems to be working except accelerated video. What kexts do I need for it and where do I find them?
  5. I have 10.6.4 working on a D620. Has anyone found a solution to making sleep work? Failing that, is there a way to disable the lid close sensor, so that it doesn't shut off the display when its closed? Also any info on scrolling with the mouse pad?
  6. What is the best distribution for a Dell Latitude D620. This is a core 2 dual, SSE2 laptop with Intel graphics. I would like to run what ever is the latest 10.6.X that is compatible.
  7. I get almost daily crashes on Leopard running with the Voodoo 1.0 kernel on a Pentium M laptop. Is there a newer Kernel thats compatible with 10.5.x?
  8. I'm running on a SSE2 Pentium M Laptop with 10.5.x from a dist that uses Voodoo 1.0. It runs pretty well but every day or 2 panics with a zalloc fault. I'm attaching a picture. Is there a newer kernel I can substitute that might fix the problem?
  9. Is there a list of low cost laptops that are known to run the latest Snow Leopard without problems or restrictions?
  10. kmand

    Intel ICH6 AC97 Audio?

    I tried voodoohda 2.5.3 for snow leopard. I added the voodoohda.kext and did the usual permission and cache setup. But on reboot there is no sign of it. Nothing in the preferences/sound panes or in dmesg.
  11. What do I need for sound from a Intel 82801FB ICH6 AC97 Audio controller on SL 10.6.2?
  12. I've tried a variety of 10.6.x installs on a Dell D610. Ultimately they all have the problem that disks cannot be unmounted or ejected from the OS X GUI. This includes diskutil, which hangs on "unmounting disk" when it tries to partition the disk, and the finder. This applies to the internal disk, as well as usb disks. From a terminal I can actually force a unix umount, but not from any of the OS X tools.
  13. I'm trying to install SL on a Dell D610, a SSE2 Pentium M laptop. Using either the iportable or Myhack distributions with the chocolate kernel I get a panic on first boot in org.tgwbd.driver.ElltioForceLegacyRTC A kext releasing a OSArray has corrupted the registry. Any thoughts?
  14. I'm using the Myhack installer (http://osx86.sojugarden.com/installer) to try and get 10.6 going on a Dell Latitude D610. This is an SSE2 machine, so I use the "chocolate kernel". The installation always ends up hanging right at the beginning of the installation, while its trying to unmount or check the hfs+ partition on the hard drive. Since I can't really tell what the install is doing, and I can get to a terminal before the install starts, I decided to see if I can reproduce the issue from the command line. The hard drive is disk0. First I "dd" /dev/zero to the first 1000 blocks of the drive to wipe out the label. Then I do diskutil partionDisk disk0 GPTFormat "Journaled HFS+" part1 100% this succeeds and shows 0 GUID_partition_scheme 60GB disk0 1 EFI 209GB disk0s1 2 Apple_HFS part1 59.7GB disk0s2 Since I know the install would hang checking the disk I now do that manually. I umount /dev/disk0s2 then diskutil repairVolume disk0s2 This gives me 8 lines of checking various things and then tell me the volume is ok and the repair is complete. But then goes on to say "Updating boot support partitions for the volume as required". This gives me an endless sequence of "\ \ \ \ \ ..." going across the screen. Since the actual install has an endless horizontal barber poll, I think this is the ascii equivalent, and may be my hang in the install. This is where am I stuck and can use suggestions. By the way the same hardware works reasonable well on 10.5 (using a different install method).