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  1. realityloop

    FixedSys for OSX

    I recently converted an old Amiga font (Xen) which is in my opinion the best and most legiable fixed width fonts I've ever seen. I'd been using it with Geektool, but after 10.6.3 update it doesn't display correctly, I think it may be something I did wrong in the conversion, likely a spacing issue or something. I've attached my dfont as well as the source .fon file I converted in hope that somoene can assist me in converting it properly. xen.zip Here is an image showing the font, as well as the issue since 10.6.3 update (top of text get's cut off on the first row)
  2. Is this likely to eventually give us working shutdown as well??
  3. Superhai, Is this suitable if you are still dual booting, or only if you runn fully OSX??
  4. Have you tried using NVInject?
  5. I think he may have meant distributing an image of the EFI Partition containing kexts used to get particular hardware working not the Leopard install itself.. even if he didn't I think this would be a neat way to do it provided it doesn't step in legal muddy waters.
  6. realityloop

    OSX86 on Intel P45 chipset?

    I have GA-EP45T-DS3R working..
  7. Could you please explain a bit more about why you used this method? Did you get errors when trying to install using regular method?
  8. realityloop

    Problem after install 10.5.5

    I'm experiencing the same issue with a GA-EP45T-DS3R using EFI Partition method, 10.5.4 is fine but when I update with either Delta or Combo 10.5.5 I can only safe boot.. I looks like it gets stuck around mDNSResponder if I boot with -v I don't know what the issue is.. but I had 10.5.5 running with the iDeneb 1.3 disk before I changed to using EFI partition method (by munky & turbo)
  9. Hi Macgirl, if nothing in that initrd.img file is copyrighted, is it possible to post it somewhere so that we can download it please?
  10. realityloop

    10.5.5 update?

    Acronis has always done the trick for me
  11. 10.5.5 has landed..! http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2405
  12. Not supported, most of us have purchased another WiFi card and plugged it into the spare slot next to the existing card
  13. Up to you, but no need to update to 10.5.3 and then 10.5.4, you can go straight to 10.5.4...
  14. Just a point of note, I discovered a way with IATKOS 2 to use the vanilla apple update for 10.5.4, there is a description of how I did it in this forum somewhere, MacGirl said she was going to add it to the first post but never did. Cheers, Brian
  15. To be honest I can't really remember.. I used Sonotone's installer, and then I think it just started working properly once NVInstaller had been run. It is flawless tho, and I don't have to sleep first before sound works or anything..