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    Same here... I got his garbage mail too..
  2. on my way to work... here is the log for 4965 r1000 iwl4965_mac_config_interface bssid: 00:1c:f0:40:1c:22 that is the mac address of my network:) looking good... good luck today guys... should be back after work system.txt iwi4965.kext.zip
  3. sorry about not being around for testing... now working full time in an ag chemical and seed retailer, but will test after work here is my log for the 4965 r996 log seems short... don't know why... left to run for over an hour no kp:) Edit: here are two better logs... the one has several reboots with the best log in it iwi4965.kext.zip system.txt system1.txt
  4. 4965 r970 still kp's here is a log system.txt
  5. 4965 r966 kp happens a bit later that the last rev here is a log, the second time was a -x boot with kext installed, first time was regular boot with kextload system.txt iwi4965.kext.zip
  6. 4965 same deal... kp's or freezes on boot edit: last line in console before kp is darwin_iwi4965::enable()
  7. 4965 r962 get kp still here is the log the kext is attached system.txt iwi4965.kext.zip
  8. again logs coming but for now here is the kext 4965 r960 edit: Here are the logs... 3 reboots... second -x, kp every time iwi4965.kext.zip system.txt
  9. here is the 4965 r958 kext logs on the way edit: Here are the logs... There are 4 reboots, second one -x boot, i get a kp every time iwi4965.kext.zip system.txt
  10. @ Doctadre i am pretty sure that the May 3 19:05:08 doctadres-mac-pro Terminal[342]: _CFGetHostUUIDString: unable to determine UUID for host. Error: 35 line has nothing to do with the kext itself as it appears before you load the kext
  11. thats odd... because the warning you got was for the installer script not getting a password to run a command as root... i am using xcode 3.0 in leopard 10.5.1 and even though i get the same error myself it still builds the kext, just to be clear the /build/debug/ directory will be within the directory that contains the .xcodeproj file... for you that would be the /users/doctadre/desktop/latest wireless kext/build/debug/
  12. check to see what the error is... someone else had an one error earlier today it was because the script run to load the kext failed because it needed a password, but the build still worked... check to see if the kext is in the /svn source directory/build/debug if it is then load it manually... dont worry about the warnings, it will still build with warnings, the current 4965 builds with more than 400
  13. finally got no kp with r952 -x boot and removed and recreated the ethernet interface in system preferences here is a log system.txt
  14. here is a log for 4965 r952 tried three times got kp every time... third reboot was -x boot edit: the last line that shows in console before kernel panic is iwl4965: U iwl4965_mac_tx leave system.txt iwi4965.kext.zip
  15. open the xcode project file *.xcodeproj then press the build button on the toolbar... it will place the built kext in /your working directory/build/debug/