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    [HOWTO] OpenGL and Quartz Extreme working PERFECTLY on Radeon 7500

    Hey, could someone PM me the package for this please? like someone else said, the one at the start of the topic only has two files in it :/ Thanks if anyone replies
  2. applesandsynths

    Is there a way to change my mac's serial #?

    The point of this image is to change the serial number of a Mac computer.. If you don't have a mac, there isn't any point in changing it...The serial number is stored in NV ram on mac's.... so this wouldn't apply to you.. I hope someone has information for me soon.. Sitting by patiently!
  3. applesandsynths

    Is there a way to change my mac's serial #?

    It doesn't even black screen for me. For me, the disk spins up on boot, i try D, i try C, {censored}+option+command+delete, nothing gets the disc to boot. I booted into -s and checked to see if the disc shows up, and only my hard drive does. I've tried recreating the image, and it still doesn't work. Anyone have ideas?
  4. applesandsynths

    Is there a way to change my mac's serial #?

    Does anyone know if this dmg will still change the serial number on the newest macbook pro's ? The one's with the 2.4 ghz processor? I have a 17 inch model and when I press and hold the D key when booting, it will not boot from the cd. I've tried putting in other bootable cd's and holding ALT/option and that cd shows up (bootable Leopard install disc). I also want to mention that I had an older version Macbook Pro (2.33ghz) and it ran the cd just fine and I was able to change the SN. I'm just kind of wondering if it's a hardware issue, or firmware....and if anyone else has had any luck changing a serial number on the newest macbook pros. Thanks!