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  1. it's really cool that now I can hear the shutter sounds when i take screenshots with hotkeys!! you fixed both audio and video drivers!! thanks mate. you are my hero!
  2. Found the same problem a couple of days ago. didnt get a chance to report :-) . the window one is annoying as it freeze everything but the mouse. i had to power off the VM. thanks mate for looking into it! Grab is the one called by Preview to take screenshots, isn't it? please see hotkeys below in case someone is interested but didn't know it. I am new to Mac too and just found it 10 minutes ago! command+shift+3 Full screenshot 
command+shift+4 Crosshair to allow selection of screenshot area 
command+shift+4, then spacebar Camera to capture specific screen object -> this may freeze your VM 10.6.x! and one more edit :-) , try SnapNDrag (freeware) to take screenshots and it does work for ALL (Full, Selection and Window) whilst Zenith is fixing issues with Grab / Preview.
  3. thanks again Zenith. Now I have v1.2.1 installed and I am able to take Screenshot with Preview too, but just realized Preview Take Screen Shot might work for me when I had v1.2.0 installed. The problem is Preview could not display the screenshot right after it was taken, so I thought screenshot didnt work. but after I saves it as pdf file, Preview is able to view the image taken. if i saved it as png (or other image format) file, other apps but Preview could view the image. basically same as what Saivert's got. I have below in vmx, and System Profiler recognized vram as 128MB svga.autodetect = "TRUE" svga.vramSize = "134217728" and vmware.log shows, Nov 10 21:48:21.546: vcpu-1| Guest: IOAC: Screen Object On Nov 10 21:48:21.546: vcpu-1| Guest: IOAC: SVGA3D On, 3D HWVersion == 2.0 just for test purpose, i doubled the vram in vmx with autodetect off, svga.autodetect = "FALSE" svga.vramSize = "268435456" vmware.log shows vram size got decreased, and then System Profiler still shows vram as 128MB Nov 10 21:47:26.265: vmx| Decreasing vramSize to 134217728 (configured size 268435456 too big) does vmware workstation 7 determine vram size based on the hardware i have?
  4. Zenith432, FYI, I have Nvidia Quadro 135M which does have 128MB GDDR3 RAM as per TechPower-up GPU-Z, and below is my settings in vmx file. Please note, I did not add in line svga.vramSize = "134217728" manually. svga.autodetect = "TRUE" svga.vramSize = "134217728" mks.enable3d = "TRUE" svga.enableScreenObject = "TRUE" svga.enableTracesReg = "TRUE" But I guess my 10.6 VM works in 2D mode as you pointed out. is there any way i could confirm whether it is working in 2D mode or not?
  5. I had the same problem with guest 10.6 installed on VMware Workstation 7 on WinXP host, and could not boot either right after install. Your workaround did help on boot, thanks! but then I found I could not switch to the native resolution 1440 x 900 that my monitor supports due to the maximum 1280 x1024 restricted by VMware Display setting. I thought it might be worth to try adding the two lines in vmx file even though my guestOS is configured as darwin10, svga.enableScreenObject = "TRUE" svga.enableTracesReg = "TRUE With the default VMware Display setting, i.e. "Use host setting for monitors" and "Accelerate 3D graphics" under "3D Graphics", the two lines did the trick! I am able to boot again with native solution supported by the monitor! :-) EDITED: I was meant to say, thanks very much Zenith432! btw, my first post in this community! :-) forgot to mention, Preview "Take Screen Shot" still doesn't work for me after 1.2 installed. and Preview could not open either png or jpeg files, but opening pdf files is fine.