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  1. Hi Were you able to resolve this? We are using the same mainboard and I have a ATI Radeon 5870
  2. I'm in the market to build the uber hackintosh. A machine Apple fears to make but all you fellas help write drivers for. My problem is I do not know what works and what doesnt. I want a performance machine An Intel 45nm Core 2 or Xeon Compatible mainboard 8GB of RAM 2x1TB HDD fastest possible GPU .... what else? A machine that would eat up Mac Pros at a fraction of the cost. Your help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. i'm sure apple will come out with updated mb & mbp very soon all the rest were updated recently. as for mb vs mbp we'll need to wait and see what the updates will show us.
  4. 24" iMac Core2Duo

    My friend's getting one if it arrives in our country by the 15th. I did some computations and it appears that it costs the same to BTO the RAM to 2GB than buying from a 3rd party. We also noticed that 3GB from Apple is cheaper than 1x2GB from other sources. I'd opt for one if I could hook up a Xbox 360/PS3/Wii video consoles. So I guess I'll have to settle for a 24" Dell LCD then. Th next Mac I'll buy will probably be after Leopard/CS3/Office 2007/HDMI/BD writer/HD-DVD writer are available. I'm pretty happy with 3 Macs I got now and just waiting for Quartz Extreme & Core Image to be supported on my PC's Nvidia 6800 GT 256MB GPU.
  5. It's almost been 9 months since I deleted OSx86 from my PC's hard disk since it lacked support for my motherboard's LAN, sound & FW400 ports and my Nvidia 6800GT 256MB. So I'd like to know from 6800 GT owners, are the drivers mature enough for our 6800 GT cards
  6. Finally uploaded the pics and here they are: Removed photos at request of original author. Don't leech.
  7. Apple Seeks (Poetic) Justice

    OSx86 is great I hope it doesnt propogate Beyond the realm of the geeks So Apple doesnt freaks Apple cant take a financial hit Unlike Billy's Micro{censored} You know this is a fact Come on buy a real Mac
  8. 10.4.4 Security Broken

    I went to a local PC shop in town and saw one of Maxxus' work being sold pre-installed. Way to go Maxxus!
  9. I was also dissapointed with the LCDs of the MBP & iMac. Couldnt Apple opt for the same screen as Acer's 15.4" Core Duo laptop? It could do 1680x1050 but if it ment less bright screens then I'd pass. Steve noted in the keynote that that the benchmarks were synthetic and only measured the processor. The other components are the same speed as before.
  10. Are there 15.4" LCDs with resolutions of 1080p? Expresscard 34 will allow for more USB & FW ports. Intel's chipset doesnt support FW800. The MBP's thinner than a comparable 15" Powerbook G4 According to Apple 10% of their users actually use the built-in modem. Only thing I'd find a built-in modem is if I used it to fax lots of docs & when my DSL's down. If my DSL's down i just go wardriving. But increased the brightness by 67% making it as bright as their cinema displays. My #1 problem with my iBook is that under direct sunlight I cant see squat. Apple designed their products to run OS X. Why spend extra resources for features only techies will use. Only reason anyone would need with legacy BIOS is if you wanted to run Windows or Linux.
  11. OS X for Macs OS X for Dull Little Boxes
  12. Sold my iBook for MacBook Pro

    Funny but I'm having second thoughts... and I have until Wednesday to seal the deal... Based on the msgs on forum.macnn.com I'm guessing the MBP will be available in volume by March. Gawd... 1.5-2 months without a Mac and forced to use a Windows desktop...
  13. How about OS X on Dull Little Boxes <= PC OS X on Macs <= Apple branded PCs.
  14. At a $19.00 loss to boot! But I can make up for it with selling my 1GB SODIMM at a higher price.
  15. New iMac Duo

    Another reason Apple is using mobile Intel chips is the availability of Intel Core desktop chips isnt there yet. I dont think Apple used the mobility chip of ATI.