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  1. Installing 10.5.2 kalyway on Lenovo X200

    hi boiledice i'm trying to install iatkos v4 on my z590 would you please share your installation options? what fixes have you applied? are you using vanilla kernel? please it would be great to hear from your experience i'm trying to install it as well, Thank you all
  2. Ethernet Driver for Marvell 88E1116

    yesterday i did experience two "freezes" i use to do a lot of tasks alltogether, i had various firefox downloads, i was using a torrents file downloader tvwatch or something like that, transmission for download the torrents that tvwatch downloaded and when i opened vlc to play a video file, it kind of freezed... istat didnt show a great cpu use, my mouse was running fine, its an usb wireless mouse attached to ps/2 port and my keyboard its a wired ps/2, mouse cursor was working without problems but apps didnt response, i clicked on spaces to change desktop and after 5 minutes there were the four selection desktops but still freeze, at the end i did shutdown my computer pressing power button for 4 seconds, on the next restart it did show a lot of errors on startup i didnt know what they were pointing to, ill try to write down next time. sorry if its not very helpful... i have an striker motherboard with one lan port disabled on bios.
  3. Ethernet Driver for Marvell 88E1116

    Another working system here , I can report that it does work on my ASUS STRIKER EXTREME motherboard, as it uses the same ethernet chipset. just followed the guide, no problems at all. Thank you for your great work on this driver
  4. 650 and 680i chipset thread...

    Thanks again JaeV i gave it another chance, i opened your postpatch.sh and a terminal window and did step by step what it was supposed to do, and you were right, maybe last time i forgot to copy your kernel file, now i copied it as mach_jaev , and changed boot.plist to point to this file. Now my sound is working, my usb stick does work again, although i ve to unplug and replug for it to start working, dual core enabled. Everything going smooth thank'ssss the only thing left for me is to update to 10 5 1. but since all is working perfectly now i dont want to mess it up again lol my xbench scores now boost to 212 points screenshot attached. which are the advantages of 10 5 1 upgrade? the other thing is that boot time is so slow, maybe 2 minutes or somthing like that, is there anyway to improve speed? are there any kext that we can remove hehe im sure i will mess my installation again if i digg too much
  5. 650 and 680i chipset thread...

    Hi Again, yesterday i toally messed up my leo installation on my striker extreme e6600 gtx 8800 computer, everything was working fine, but i was runnin on core solo.. i tried to postpatch my installation, and i ve done something wrong for sure, and today i ve installed again leopard. i ve used netroller's guide, but ive excluded the bootfix since i can boot straight after installation, i didnt install marvins amd neither, and i get a working leopard installation again but with core solo, in my second attempt to enable core duo, y copied mach_toh, and canged apple.boot.plist to point to mac_toh, restarted my system and leopard now recognices it as core 2 duo, but i cant get to work my usb rt2500 wifi card... weird.. my xbench results excluidng disk test are 199 on core duo and 196 on core solo with my 2.4 cpu overclocked to 2.9 it's necesary to install marvin amd util? can i install it now that my sytem is running fine? i dont know the purpose for that does anyone know why i cant use my wifi usb? its recognized unders system profiler but it doesnt power up no lights there... what am i doing wrong to update to 10 5 1, i copied the kext from golden folder over my system library extensions. then repaired permissions thanks all again
  6. 650 and 680i chipset thread...

    i did post my scores early on this thread you just need to read the other post. here are some more results without disk tests
  7. 650 and 680i chipset thread...

    mine leopard was running fine, although on core solo, i`ve striker extreme, e6600 and 8800gtx xfx. i-ve overclkocked to 3.0 and get alomst the same k panic that sinewave does,i´ll try to post a screenshot, i managed to boot with -f, everything runs fine now still core solo. is there any problem to boot with -f flag¿? ive run xbench and it doesnt affect my performance. thanks
  8. 650 and 680i chipset thread...

    yes, thats right i didnt need to install the postpatch to boot to leopard, it did go straight i did install leo over tiger on a single disk with a single partition.
  9. 650 and 680i chipset thread...

    my previous install of leo was boot with -x -v flags and i couldn go further than desktop blue screen, but maybe is what you said kext making conflicts. im going to run xbench and try to post a screenshot, now apps work for me too, maybe it was an issue with my messed graphic drivers installation, lot of troubles there. also y didnt postpatch any of my installation, neither did i with the actual leopard, i thought postpatching was necessary for those who cant boot because a darwin didnt find which drive to boot from. THANKS again youre doing a great job here Ps here is the picture, i do think my ide drive is slowing my system, its an old 80 gb seagate, i thought it was going to be a little faster than that.
  10. 650 and 680i chipset thread...

    neither did I, i ve only been able to install it on an IDE drive. my dvd drive is now installed on an Ultra 100tx promise pci card, still not workin under leopard. now iwork does work for me, maybe it didnt work properly without graphic drivers installed. i dont know if toast titanium doesnt work because it cant find my dvd drive. Today i ve updated my asus striker extreme to 1305 version, and i m unable to disable a core under Bios setup, or i cant find where, i dont know if virtualization cpu or somthing like that has anything to do, it says its a vanderpool enhacment???? i can dsable hpet, but i cant tell if it is good or bad.
  11. 650 and 680i chipset thread...

    at first i did install leopard over a clean 10 4 8 tiger installation, i installed tiger with -x -v removed nvdaresman, and then installed nvidia drivers and sound drivers and nforceata drivers, but when i tried to install leo, it did install but i couldn boot to leopard, it hung at a blue desktop screen just before it asks to fill in your data, so i tried it again over 10 4 9. i do think my performance is not as good as i wish, dont know if it is because i dont have core duo or because im over an 10 4 9 upgrade. ive spent a week installing and uninstalling leopards and tigers, maybe ill try again and install over 10 4 8 to see if my performance improves. i can-t get to run iwork 08 nor toast titanium does, any advices? what about 10. 5 .1 upgrade? thanks all again
  12. 650 and 680i chipset thread...

    Hi all, this is my first post, i ve been a lot of time browsing around this forum, and finally, although im new to mac, i managed to install leopard on my Asus Striker 8800 gtx machine , that wouldnt be possible without your help, thanks to all of you. this is how i did it 1 installed tiger 10.4.8 Jas, and then upgraded to 10.4.9 as its already explained. 2 installed leopard toh. with cpus=1 -v 3 i had a lot of troubles installing my nvidia 8800 gtx, spent a lot of time but finally i ve ce enabled, i needed to edit pinfo's from nvdahal50.kext, geforce.kext, nvdaresman.kext, and nvinject.kext and change 0193 for 0191, and it worked, don't know why but nvdaresman wasnt installed on my system, so i copied it form toh leo dvd, repaired permissions from disk utility a lot of times... but I DID IT. 4 sound is not working at this time, i havent tried anything yet, i will try to install azalia it worked on tiger ill post results... 5 lan isnt working either but i use a conceptronic usb wifi working with rt usb drivers. 6 i cant disable 1 core on BIOS so i always start with cpus=1, dont know if it will work as your pictures show as core Duo,do you still have a core disable on bios and leop shows you core duo, or did you enabled that core after installation (JAeV)? I only wanted to say Thank You, and show that it works with 8800 gtx, and with an asus striker motherboard.