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  1. I installed VMware Fusion 1.1 on Leopard and it ran my windows xp on another hard disk like a charm. It detected it as a Bootcamp partition automatically. No settings required at all. just one thing: I could only found the C drive in the xp disk which I formatted to 3 partitions. Is it possible to get the other 2 appear as well?
  2. hi I have installed Kalyway Leopard (GUID scheme) and WinXP (NTFS) on different SATA hard drives and want to use parallels to boot the xp drive.. I edited the .pvs file according to some guide from this forum and then started to boot but Parallels froze at "disk reading error" Any ideas of that? Many thanks
  3. Gigabyte P35 DS4 + Kalyway = success

    hi I got kaly leopard (GUID partiton) and winxp installed on respective hard drives. But when I try to dual boot with chain0, tboot or acronic os select, all failed. tboot said" HFS partition could not be found", Acronis OS Select doesn't even support the GUID ... Any ideas of it? Many thanks.
  4. hi I got another problem now I installed Kalyway successfully with internal SATA drive but it appears an external HD. Has anyone any idea to change it back?
  5. hi ls8.. would you please instruct how to apply the .sh patches? sorry I'm a newbie for these unix files
  6. [TUTORIAL]Gigabyte P35-DQ6

    hi Many thanks for your info.. My mobo is P35 DS4 and I'm struggling with Kalyway installation right now. I found I missed this step: "Select the hard drive (or single partition) you just partitioned and SET PARTITION BOOT TYPE on as your destination volume." Would you please specify how to do this? and should SATA devices be set in AHCI mode in BIOS?
  7. hi Dune , I tried several times to install kalyway to my new pc but no success. Here is my specs and situation: C2D 6550 Giga P35 DS4 AHCI enabled XFX 7300GT 250G Seagate SATA HD & Pioneer SATA DVD burner I booted into Kalyway DVD and first format the HD as GUID, then manually input the PC EFI V8 commands and fdisk command to make the partition active, then continue to install. I only selected Vanilla Kernel and NVinject driver. After finished, it rebooted and always stuck at "verifying DMI Pool Data...." Please give me some advice what the problem it might be ?? I noticed that some people with P35 DS4 mobos succeeded with Kalyway DVD but they disabled AHCI. So should I disabled it too?? Is it necessary to make the partiton active manually? (the SATA HD shows as an external drive when AHCI enabled so I guess I should make the partition active manually) Many thanks for any help. PROBLEM SOLVED. The reason is that I followed a wrong guide to install EFI by i_am...me The right one is here Many thanks to Kalyway and all people helped me here.
  8. hi... I spent several hours last night to make a fresh install Kalyway but no success. here is my spec: core2duo 6550 gigabyte P35 DS4 1x Seagate 250G SATA HD 1x Pioneer SATA Burner XFX 256M 7300GT Video Card The only thing different from your method is that I booted off with AHCI enabled. But after installed it rebooted and stuck at "Verifying DMI Pool........" So I have to install in IDE mode?? And do I need to set the GUID partiton active in the terminal during installation?? Many thanks!
  9. I think Asrock 4Core1333-eSATA2 is also OK because it has same chipsets with Gigabytes P31 DS3L and plus it has a ATX form factor and eSATA and Firewire ports.
  10. Leopard Perfect Install

    hi everyone, Has everyone bother to answer my question on #599 floor :censored2:
  11. it looks like the simplest way to install Leo.. I have a Macbook with Leo. Can I use it to install leopard to a SATA hard disk and then to boot my hackintosh? Thanks.
  12. thanks I think Gigabyte 945GCMX-S2 seems also a good choice as many people suceeded with it. But I'm not sure the SATA disk performance with ICH7 chipset..Is it slower?
  13. Leopard Perfect Install

    hi everyone...I got some questions here: 1.With 945GC mobo, how about the AHCI issue which has been a trouble for many P965 and P35 users? How about the disk speed of the SATA drives? Is it turned slow? 2. I'm going to get 2 hard drives to install Leo and WinXP separately. Is it better and less trouble than just installing 2 os in 1 hard drive with partitions. Besides, how you guys to do the multi-boot with this method. Thank you very much.
  14. hi... does this patch work with leopard??
  15. hi I've read many threads here and sorry I'm still not sure which motherboard is the most compatible with Leo. It seems the following mobos are most recommended: 1.Gigabyte 965 DS3, 2.Gigabyte P35 DS3, 3.Asus P5B deluxe Please let me know which one has the minimum troubles to patch here and there. I need the Lan, Audio and Firewire to work. Thanks in advance.