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  1. [FIX] macOS Sierra DP1 BCM94532Z WiFi

    Hi I have Sierra 10.12.4 and I can not start handoff to work, my system are recognize PIC card BCM94352Z on Lenovo Y5-70 and both work great, just I can not start handoff to work, and iMessage too. can some one help ?
  2. Hi all ready 4 days and today 20 hour I sit on this laptop without success, So is some one who can help. So try a lot of method one of them work little bit and after restart stop. Other work only mic without internal audio. So I try all acl269 variant from here. https://github.com/insanelydeepak/cloverHDA-for-Mac-OS-Sierra-10.12/tree/master/Laptop I try from here http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/files/file/496-applehda-patcher/ all 10 variant from AppleHDA patcher so I understand that from every one have clover method and direct replace AppleHDA in /S/L/E I try it bought again no luck. so I have other problem who can not make sense. I use program DPCIManager and sometimes they see Audio devices sometime not recognize it. wen is hapen I start to change CsrActiveConfig 0x67 / 0x3 . few times and few restart till recognize audio devices I upload my last config.plist again no success. so I not have any audio kext in /clover/kext/Other and any ideas about problem ?
  3. hi to everyone.. I try to start this ati radeon 4570 video allreadey 1 mounth. So can someone please give me zip with all kext,patch. and everyting what is need to start this card on yosemite. I allready start it with 4600 - 512mb but without QE/CI.. and other I start at Ati radeon 4570 3MB but with great rezolution.. so I will very happy with little help.. best regard